Loft room lined in pale poplar plywood

How to complete an eco loft conversion

Before embarking on a loft conversion, consider taking an eco-friendly approach

By Caroline Rodrigues | 30 September 2020

Quicker and less hassle than building an extension, converting the attic is a cost-effective way to increase your living space. Kim Loddo, director of Inglis Badrashi Loddo (IBLA) explains the measures you can take to complete an eco loft conversion.

A loft conversion bedroom with big glazed doors leading onto a balcony

A loft conversion bedroom by Newman Zieglmeier Architecture

Reclaim and reuse

Reuse materials wherever possible. My practice has been working on many projects where we were able to reuse parts of a roof, or recycle the original roof tiles, trusses and floorboards. Carefully assess each element. Can you reuse it, repair it or adapt it? So, if there needs to be a complete replacement or redesign, this should be done as sustainably as possible.