Underfloor heating for your dream home – your questions answered

Whether you are renovating your property or building from scratch, Nu-Heat underfloor heating gives you the freedom to enjoy every room.

By Charlotte Byrne | 28 April 2017

Your dream home should give you the freedom to choose – where to put your furniture, how to embrace your hobbies and how to enjoy every room to suit your lifestyle. Whether you are renovating your property or building from scratch, Nu-Heat underfloor heating (UFH) enables you to do just that. An invisible heating solution that eliminates cold spots and gives you complete interior design freedom, it is easy to see why thousands of UK homeowners are falling in love with UFH.

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Create your dream home with UFH

Engineered timber flooring is laid over the top of the completed Nu-Heat underfloor heating installation in this new kitchen extension


Why choose UFH?

• No more working around radiators – free up wall space and place fixtures and fittings where you want them
• Consistent, comfortable heat across the entire floor area
• Low flow temperature heating solution delivers low running costs
• Ideal for pairing with renewable solutions like heat pumps and solar thermal
• Bespoke heating solution tailored to your property’s build type, floor construction, insulation levels and floor coverings
• Suitable for all floor levels
• Room-by-room control of temperature settings

Ask an expert

Expert UFH providers will honestly assess options for your project to recommend a system that performs. As part of your system design, they will account for your property’s floor construction and insulation levels, and provide full heat loss calculations.

Do I need a special boiler?

No, UFH works with gas, oil and LPG boilers as well as heat pumps. UFH can also be run alongside your existing heating system, which is particularly beneficial for extensions or where UFH is only required in part of the property. Good system design will take into account the heat source(s) used to ensure your UFH works efficiently.

Can I install UFH on the upper floors of my property?

Yes, UFH can be installed on all floor levels of new or existing properties. An experienced supplier can recommend the best options for your project and offer advice on specialist systems including acoustic solutions that reduce noise transfer between floors.

What floor coverings can I have?

UFH is compatible with a wide range of floor coverings, including carpet, tiles, polished concrete and vinyl.

Most UFH systems are suitable for floor coverings to be fitted directly over the top of the completed UFH installation. However other systems may require an additional structural deck to be installed before the flooring can be laid, so make sure you check the total height build-up of the UFH. As part of the design process, a good UFH supplier will advise if your installer needs to take any additional steps before your floor covering can be fitted.

Nu-Heat UFH is designed to work with your choice of floor covering, providing a consistent, controllable heat.

How do I control my UFH?

Specialist UFH systems incorporate controls that take into account both how the property will be used, and your choice of floor coverings. The property can be split into zones (rooms or areas) that can be controlled individually, meaning that you can set separate UFH schedules and temperatures for each. Settings can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC if you choose a networkable thermostat, and wireless options avoid the need to chase wires into a wall.

Create your dream home with UFH 4

Nu-Heat underfloor heating installation in progress – UFH tube is fitted into the castellated panel according to the UFH system design


UFH for new builds

UFH is cost-effective and simple to install as part of a new build project, fitting neatly into the build schedule.

What is the best UFH system for my new build property?

Screed UFH systems are a popular choice for new build projects with solid floors, as they can be easily installed during the floor construction process. Heating tube is simply clipped through a polythene slip layer into standard insulation before the screed is either applied by hand with a trowel, or mechanically pumped over the tube. Nu-Heat supplies ClipTrack to hold the tube securely in place whilst the screed is laid. Heat is efficiently conducted from the tube to the floor surface, warming the room evenly.

Can I have UFH in my timber frame property?

Yes! There are a range of UFH options for properties with suspended timber floors. Nu-Heat’s ClippaPlateTM UFH system can be fitted either between or over the floor joists, from above before the floor deck is laid, or below before the ceiling is fitted. Adding no additional height to the floor level, ClippaPlateTM uses highly conductive aluminium heat spreader plates to rapidly transfer heat from the UFH tube to the floor deck above.