How your kitchen can enhance your wellbeing

A well-designed kitchen plays an integral part in defining your home life

Promotional Feature By Lorraine Crighton-Smith | 10 January 2022

When designing your new kitchen, what’s top of your wish list? More space, additional work surfaces, a pantry, an island or good kitchen organisation ideas? Before planning where everything goes, start with what’s important to the very core of your lives at home.

Ask yourself ‘how do you want to change your life?’, suggests the experts at Life Kitchens for Living. If you have a busy family life, good kitchen storage and organisation can really streamline your day-to-day, lowering stress levels and enhancing your wellbeing.

Amblecote kitchen with large kitchen island and forest green bar stools

Photo: Life Kitchens

A central hub

Do you long to spend more time together as a family? Then look to create a central hub where you can come together for day-to-day activities, including cooking, dining, socialising, working from home, doing school homework, reading and entertaining.

It’s about creating multifunctional spaces within the kitchen, to be used as life dictates. Where individual parts can be used alone or in unison — the key is keeping it seamlessly connected.

ope plan kitchen and dining area with kitchen peninsula in a neutral palette

Photo: Life Kitchens

Optimal layout

Your designer can work with you to find the optimal layout for your family’s needs, paying close attention to how all the elements connects. A cooking zone facing the dining area, with a casual perch point at a kitchen island or peninsula, to connect the two, for example.

Or perhaps relaxation areas on the peripheral, whether it’s a media station, a home bar, a desk for those work-from-home days, or dedicated spaces within easy reach.

kitchen storage & organisation with lots of cupboards, a cooking zone and large island

Photo: Life Kitchens

Keep it calm

To keep the main kitchen-living space as calm and as uncluttered as possible, many people are now opting to move noisy appliances, messy boot rooms and laundry machines into adjacent rooms. A utility room often features when discussing kitchen organisation ideas as they’re a great way to shut away all that noise.

a utility room is one of the best kitchen organisation ideas for busy family life

Photo: Life Kitchens