Kitchen island ideas to add wow factor

Design inspiration for creating a big impression in a new scheme.

By Hugh Metcalf | 23 October 2020

Beloved by chefs and home cooks alike, an island brings functional benefits to the kitchen. At a most basic level, it provides a worksurface for food preparation with storage beneath. Many go further and include appliances, a sink, seating and even an extending tabletop. But to gain the maximum design impact, you’ll need to think creatively about the materials and features you use. Take a look at these kitchen island ideas for ways to ensure your island is truly the centrepiece of the space.

Pick a colour

It may be a simple idea but it’s no less effective for that. Plan the colour scheme of your new kitchen and choose a shade for the island that contrasts with the wall colour and the rest of the cabinets. You can go subtle, such as specifying the island in a deeper shade of the background hue. Make a bigger impact with a contrasting colour or even a combination of colours. How about a monochrome scheme? An all-white island set against rustic wooden cabinets? A deep green island with bronze-effect wall and base units? There are so many possibilities.

A kitchen in a barn conversion showing a blue island unit in an otherwise white painted scheme.

A blue island by Martin Moore stands out against a white scheme.