indoor outdoor kitchen extensions

5 extensions that bring the outdoors in

These well-planned kitchens open up to glorious outdoor spaces

By Paula Woods | 2 June 2021

Indoor outdoor kitchen spaces can really enhance the way you enjoy your home. Whether a new-build or renovation, a spacious, light-filled, multifunctional kitchen with direct links to the garden via banks of glazing softens the boundaries between interior and exterior.

These five inspiring extensions offer innovative ideas for opening up a home to make the most of the outside space.

1. Single-storey extension

Reworking a cramped or fragmented kitchen layout is the simplest option but, according to a recent YouGov poll, 10% of homeowners want to extend and a single-storey addition can make for a seamless transition between indoors and out. Providing your home hasn’t been extended in the past, is not in a conservation area or listed, a single-storey extension is often achievable under permitted development rules (PD). The example below has created room for a generous kitchen-diner by Kitchen Architecture. Sliding glass doors allow the long, rectangular extension to open right up to the outside space.

indoor outdoor kitchen extension with large glazing opening out onto garden

Photo: Darren Chung

2. Floor-to-ceiling windows

Thanks to advances in glazing technology, it’s possible to include bigger expanses of glass than ever before, as well-insulated framing systems, low-e coatings and argon-filled units will ensure a comfortable indoor temperature all year round. This rear extension by Ade Architecture, pictured below, connects to the garden via a 4m-high symmetrical steel-framed screen with double doors and 16mm insulated glass units from Clement Windows. Plus, the continuation of brick on the wall from inside out, plus the zoning created by the sunken garden, helps the outdoor space feel like an extension of the kitchen.

kitchen extension with large crittall windows onto the garden

Photo: Ade Architecture