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Hi-tech kitchen gadgets

These cutting edge appliances bring the latest technology to your kitchen

By Hugh Metcalf and Jason Podesta |

From smart technology for foolproof cooking to restaurant-style gadgets for the aspiring master chef, these appliances will elevate your kitchen project to the next level.

Whether self-building a new home, or building a new extension to create extra room in an existing home, a big home renovation project is the perfect opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether you’re big into your cooking, or just a fan of the latest, greatest home technology, why not try these cutting edge appliances in your new space?

modern kitchen with professional level appliances from day true - home improvements -

Photo: This kitchen created by the Day True design studio not only looks beautifully modern, it’s packed with high-spec appliances for cooking to a professional-level

Vacuum drawer

A staple in the Masterchef kitchen, sous vide cooking allow for cooking at accurate temperatures. This vacuum drawer design from Smeg has been specially created with domestic homes in mind, and is a great way to experiment with a new form of cooking to elevate meat, fish and vegetable dishes to the next level.

By removing all of the air from the container bag, the vacuum protects food from dust and bacteria, while also blocking oxidation, which means that the flavours, aromas and nutritional value of any food, solid or liquid, cooked or raw, are all intact. This is a practical way of preparing healthy dishes that tastes as good as if made from fresh ingredients.

Smeg blast chiller in modern kitchen - grand designs

Photo: Advanced vacuum drawers are available from Smeg

Steam oven

Steam ovens are on the rise, but far from common in the everyday home. If you’re not acquainted with the idea, this oven uses the natural benefits of steam for better results than a standard oven.

Steam is healthier as it retains more nutrients and minerals, and it helps food stay moist, therefore tasting and looking better.

Photo: Miele has a wide range of steam ovens for most budgets

Wireless temperature probe

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, the MEATER is an innovative cooking tool that comes with up to four numbered probes. Completely wireless and app controlled, this temperature probe is used while cooking and tells you when to stop with accurate readings transmitted to your phone.

Multiple different steak types can be cooked easily with an advanced estimator algorithm which lets you know how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time. The MEATER comes in an upright display case that is aesthetically pleasing on show in the kitchen.

Photo: The MEATER Block temperature probe

Downdraft extractor hob

Ventilation in a kitchen will need to be adhered to as part of building regulations, but if you’re keen to have your hob on an island, but don’t want an unsightly cooker hood spoiling the view of your kitchen, downdraft extractors are good alternative.

Largely, downdraft extractors offer recirculation, rather than actual extraction, which means that air is filtered and released back into the space. In this case, you’ll also need to maintain extraction ventilation elsewhere in the kitchen, though not necessarily through a cooker hood.

Photo: The NikolaTesla Alpha by Elica

Wine fridge

What’s a restaurant-style meal without a good bottle of wine to accompany it? A wine fridge may sound like a frivolous luxury, but if you’re serious about your collection, don’t disregard their special features and functions.

As vibration from standard fridges can affect the flavour of wine, look for styles with low-vibration cooling – likewise UV glass prevents light from damaging your supply. Fridges with adjustable zones also mean that you can chill your wine to the perfect temperature, no matter the variety or colour.

Fisher Paykel wine cabinet RF356RDWX1 - grand designs

Photo: 144 bottle wine fridge from Fisher & Paykel

Invisible induction hob

A range of induction hobs that are stronger, more efficient and more practical than previous models are now on the market but invisible induction hobs take the innovation a step further.

They are created with a robust, multi-layered material rendering it scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and non-porous. This also makes it durable and easy to clean even after continuous use.

In addition, the induction system and customisable designs allow creation of a specific cooktop suitable to the individual. These seamless countertops make cleaning easier leading to a more hygienic kitchen.

Photo: An invisible induction cooktop case study by TPBtech