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Kitchen tour: an inspiring industrial-style

How one family created a balanced industrial-style kitchen in a modern home

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The raw simplicity and authenticity of an industrial-style kitchen is hard to beat. Underpinned by exposed finishes, distressed timbers and vintage décor, this look is the ultimate example of form meeting function. It’s a style that’s not just aesthetically appealing but practical too, thanks to its liberal use of hard-wearing materials that really earn their keep.

It’s also a look that offers plenty of scope for flexibility. This element was essential for Jane Hunter and her husband when they started to plan their new industrial-style kitchen.

For this design-conscious couple, finding the sweet spot between Jane’s love of raw, recycled materials and her husband’s choice of a sleeker, smarter finish was key. They needed to create a space that combined both of their personalities. This meant a perfectly balanced kitchen filled with industrial elements, modern design, and homely touches. With a little help from the kitchen experts at Masterclass Kitchens, that’s exactly what they did.

Explore the project – and the key elements to consider if you’re planning on creating an industrial-style kitchen of your own – below…

Keep it light

You don’t need your space to be as big as a warehouse to nail the industrial look. Keen to generate a light, airy feel, the Hunters opted for light grey kitchen units to blend seamlessly with their walls. This established a neutral backdrop that maximises the space and also allows the contrasting industrial elements to really shine.

smaller kitchens can get the industrial look by sticking to neutral colours

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Wood panelling

Clever use of contrasting materials is key when it comes to creating an industrial kitchen and it’s something the Hunter family kept front and centre when making their design decisions. They chose a statement kitchen island with a dark brown copper stone-effect finish that’s both homely and contemporary, adding timber panelling to the sides for an extra layer of texture.

get the industrial kitchen look by using contrasting materials like wood and slate

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Exposed brick

Naked walls embody the raw, textural beauty that industrial kitchen style is all about, so the Hunters chose an exposed brick finish to create an unrefined look that supports the overall aesthetic.

industrial style kitchen ideas: combine exposed brick with a wood burning stove and wooden logs on display

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Clever décor

Finishing touches make all the difference in contemporary kitchens. To recreate the look of the industrial café-bars that inspired their project, the Hunters used salvaged vintage décor. This added a real sense of nostalgia and make the space unique to them.

cafe sign in salvaged materials in an industrial-style kitchen

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Not-so-heavy metal

Exposed pipework is a signature feature of industrial kitchens, but it’s not practical or achievable in every property. The Hunters replicated the look by painting faux steelworks in matt black paint to create a modern, sophisticated finish.

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