The difference between a good room and a perfect one is the lighting

Lighting control systems can change how your home feels and add both security and style. Here’s why smart lighting needs to be at the heart of your home design

By Jennifer Turner | 1 April 2021

How to bring your home design to life with lighting control.


We all know how important light is for how our home feels, but few of us put at it the heart of our house design and planning. The latest lighting control systems combine security, simplicity and style in one smart package…

 Dining table with food and magazines

Image: Lutron

Design Impact

Many of us design a room by selecting what we’re going to put inside it – whether it’s furniture, white goods or decorative items. Only after that do we get around to considering the lighting.

For professionals, the reverse is true. Lighting comes first because it can completely change a room’s mood.

For a lighting expert it’s important to consider the device controlling the light before picking the lamp shade colour, for example. By not doing so, it would be akin to choosing your favourite kind of music but being unable to change the volume.

This is increasingly important because of how we use modern homes today. Whereas rooms once had one purpose, now they’re more likely to have several. In an open plan kitchen where you dine as well as cook, you’ll want dimmer light for the former than for the latter.

For that kind of freedom and adaptability you need controllable lighting. With that in place, you can create the mood you want to when you want to, no matter what you’re doing or whether it’s day, night or afternoon. There are few better ways to put your home in the best possible light.