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Fire safety is not an issue that comes to our minds very often

By Jennifer Turner | 26 April 2019

Adaptable Downlights to make your home safer


Lumi Plugin gd may 19 advertorial kitchen grey brown modern tiles rooflight downlight fire safety

Image: Lumi-Plugin

Fire safety is not an issue that comes to our minds very often and when it does, we are often put off by large unsightly smoke and heat alarms or sprinklers, which would interrupt the look and feel we want in our homes. Lumi-Plugin have the answer to all your lighting and fire safety needs with their adaptable downlight, which removes ceiling acne and allows you to sleep safe.

With a continuing focus on fire safety in the media across the UK, the pressure to ensure your house is meeting fire safety regulations is increasing. Building Regulations vary throughout the UK, and so specify different levels of fire safety when installing fire alarm systems. All Building Regulations recommend that Fire detection systems in residential dwelling should be provided in accordance with the relevant recommendations of BS 5839-6. All alarms should be mains powered with battery back-up and interlinked to ensure audibility throughout property.