10 of the best roofing materials

Roofing materials round up with ideas for both modern and traditional homes.

By Andrea Manley | 21 April 2021

The style of your home will influence the roofing materials you select as will the local planning authority requirements. So, check with them as to the constraints in place. Obviously, your choice must be watertight. But also needs to be durable and look good for decades to come. The pitch, structure and design of the roof will also influence your options for roofing materials, as will features such as dormers.

1 Traditional look

Double camber clay tiles bring texture and accentuate the light and shade an undulating roof. They need a minimum pitch of 35 degrees and are a good option for blending in with a traditional local setting

View of roof with red clay tiles as part of roofing materials guide

Acme double camber plain clay roof tile, Marley Eternit.

2 Handmade appeal

When authenticity is paramount, use a combination of roofing materials such as handmade clay tiles in mellow colours to create a distinctive look. ‘The variation in shape and camber of hand-formed designs has huge aesthetic appeal but laying them can be more complicated and requires skill,’ says Paul John Lythgoe, managing director at Tudor Roof Tiles.

 View of rich red clay roof tiles on a traditional pitched roof, showing the versatility of the roofing materials

Handmade clay roof tiles, Tudor Roof Tiles.

3 Natural stone effect

Man-made fibre-cement tiles mimic the look of real slate and are uniform in size, shape and thickness. They are an ideal lightweight and cost-effective covering. The semi-matt acrylic pigment finish brings texture to the roof.