How to choose a colour scheme for your home

Colour can alter and change the mood and feel of your house, get it right with the help of an interior designer and these top tips.

By Jennifer Turner | 26 August 2020

Discover how paint can magically alter the mood of your interior with these expert tips from an interior designer.


bedroom in muted colours with cushions and artwork

Image: Seesaw Studios

Interior design isn’t just about furniture and accents – building a mood and a feeling of flow begins with paint, which can fundamentally alter the way you live…

The magic of colour

bathroom seen through a doorway with walk in shower

Image: Seesaw Studios

There’s a reason why certain colours work in certain rooms – and why we cling to tried-and-trusted paint scheme is lounges, hallways and bedrooms. From the soothing palate of greens to cosy purples, colour experts are able to evoke emotions and match paint choice to how we want to feel in certain rooms.

Key to this is understanding the flow of a house, how one room transforms into another and how to delineate boundaries where you want them. Colour can separate rooms, but also connect them.