hotel interior design at home

7 ways to get the hotel look at home

How to incorporate luxury design ideas into your interior schemes

Promotional Feature By Staff writer | 28 April 2022

Hotels are a great source of interior design inspiration for the home. The competitiveness of the industry means regular, big-budget makeovers, often carried out by leading names in interior design. So where better to pick up ideas for your next home improvements project?

With more than 15 years of experience in luxury interiors, The Sofa & Chair Company – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of luxury sofas and bespoke furniture – shares seven top tips on how to create hotel-style interiors in your home.

1. Make neutrals work hard

Neutral, pared-back tones add a sense of space and light to any room, but be careful, as it can feel flat and dull if there is not a subtle contrast and texture accompanied with it. The Henley sofa, shown below in a rich boucle texture, adds warmth and, paired with silk cushions featuring subtle black and gold prints balance the tones in the room. Brushed brass or gold metal finishes on coffee tables, lamps and small accessories are a great way to bring the room together and ensure all the neutral tones in the rugs, wallpaper and armchairs do not feel staid.

hotel-style interior design for the living room - neutrals, texture and gold and black highlights

Photo: The Sofa & Chair Company

2. Create a reading nook

An area in the home dedicated to a quiet moment reading is the ultimate hotel luxury experience. Invest in a large wingback armchair, like the Blake Armchair shown below, where you can snuggle down and indulge in your favourite read. For an intimate feel, choose sumptuous tones such as rich reds in velvets, dark charcoal greys or deep taupe. Add a silk rug, cashmere throw and apt mood lighting for extra cosiness. This is a place in the home where you can dare to go darker with paint, wallpaper and bookcases. Opting for a spot with a view like a bay window is ideal and adds much needed comfort and warmth from natural light during daytime. Even if you chose a darker colour for the walls, natural daylight will balance the colours. In the evening, the atmosphere becomes moody and inviting.

Hotel-style reading nook with dark walls, dark furnishings and a big window

Photo: The Sofa & Chair Company

3. Invest in a good night’s sleep

An upholstered headboard is a must for that hotel interior design look. With deep foam padding, headboards make a soft place to rest and relax, while an oversized bed adds a sense of drama and creates a bold centrepiece for a boutique hotel bedroom look. The Provence Headboard, below, with its winged sides that extend beyond the width of the bed creates a cosy, luxury cocoon. The neutral tones here work harmoniously together and the accessories – including abstract wall art, gold and pastel vases as well as natural fossilised wood side tables – all add texture and intrigue without over-powering the main feature – that beautiful bed.

an oversized padded headboard is a great way to recreate the look of a hotel bedroom at home

Photo: The Sofa & Chair Company

4. Symmetry in the formal living room

Some of the best hotel suites and lobbies use the rule of symmetry to evoke a sense of serenity and balance. Most commonly used with classic and traditional interior design styles, symmetrical interior design is used to achieve harmony and order within a layout, an obvious choice for hotel spaces. There are simple ways to adopt this interior design staple in your own home, like below, where the designer has placed two Alexander sofas opposite each other. The Ono Ottomans are also paired together at the end to add balance to the interior. The light neutral tones are brought together by the black side tables and wooden flooring to add depth to the completed scheme.

The Sofa & Chair Company / Simpson & Voyle