Hotel bathroom design ideas

6 hotel-inspired bathroom design ideas

These design-forward luxury hotel suites can be incorporated into your home

By Hugh Metcalf |

Your home’s bathroom can be a restful getaway from the rest of the household, so where better to look for luxurious design inspiration than the world’s best hotels.

You might have booked the hotel for its beachfront location or scenic landscapes, or perhaps it was the hotel’s interiors which piqued your interest.

When you’re staying away from home, it’s a great time to seek out inspiration in how you use and enjoy a different space, and nowhere more than the bathroom.

We’ve scoured the web for some of our favourite luxury hotel bathrooms to see what lessons can be learned to be applied to your own home renovations.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors work particularly well between bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, avoiding unwieldly doors opening into these often compact spaces. This clever design from Experimental Hotel Menorca adds colour and shape into the interior scheme.

hotel ensuite with pink pocket door - grand designs

Photo: Experimental Hotel Menorca

Furniture in the bathroom

To make a bathroom a space you can repose in, add in soft furnishings so that you can sit down and enjoy the room. A good idea if you have a large bathroom, and certainly if you have spectacular views like the Silo Hotel in Cape Town.

silo hotel with foot stool and vanity - grand designs

Photo: The Silo Hotel, Cape Town

Concealed ensuites

In a small space, an ensuite door can add visual clutter to a bedroom, so why not disguise an ensuite as part of the fixtures and fittings. From the outside, this ensuite bathroom in the August Hotel Antwerp looks like just another wardrobe door.

Photo: August Hotel Antwerp, via Design Hotels

Privacy screens

Open hotel suites with no doors to the bathroom are common in luxury hotels, but for everyday use, they can be divisive. If you’re considering creating a master suite in this way, installing screens fitted with distorted glass maintains the broken-plan aesthetic, but allows you to use the space in privacy also.

This suite in The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore, uses the obscuring glass only where it needs to be, to conceal the shower and toilet.

open bathroom with privacy screen at warehouse hotel singapore - grand designs

Photo: The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

Double vanity basins

Two sinks in a shared bathroom is a real game-changer. While double vanities are not uncommon, if you have room, why not take it one step further and have them on opposite sides of the space like in Zannier’s Phum Baitang hotel in Cambodia.

double sinks in phum baitang hotel bathroom malaysia - grand designs

Photo: Phum Baitang Zannier Hotel, Cambodia, via Design Hotels

Spa-inspired bathrooms

For a really luxurious retreat, look to spa-inspired fittings and finishes. Natural wood and stone feeds into the bathroom’s biophilic design credentials, while high-tech fittings ensure the bathroom is a space truly enjoyed. We look the angular fittings and blonde wood used to create a spa-like space in Hotel de Nell, Paris.

spa bathroom in hotel de nell paris - grand designs

Photo: Hotel de Nell, Paris, via Design Hotels