Why resin floors are perfect for modern living

Resin flooring is growing in popularity in modern homes – it’s ideal for open plan living, sustainable and hard-wearing. We take a closer look…

Promotional Feature By Andrew Emery | 1 June 2021

Seamless, stylish and sustainable resin flooring for today’s homes.

When it comes to modern homes, it pays to think beyond the norm in terms of flooring. One option makes open-plan living easy while being comfortable, stylish and with impressive eco-credentials. Say hello to resin flooring…

open plan kitchen with island metro tiles stools and striped rug

Image: VR Resin Floors

Open-plan life

One of the main issues with modern open-plan homes is flooring. Do you mix and match products? Will your wood floor or tiles fit the room exactly or will it need to be trimmed, leaving a less than a smooth finish as you enter the adjacent spaces? And how will that flow into the next room?

A handsome and hard-wearing solution to all these issues and more is to install a resin floor. Whether you want to opt for one colour throughout, say, a kitchen-diner, or link all the rooms on one floor of your home with a uniform shade, it’s simplicity itself. Want to go for different hues to zone your rooms? You can do this, but still have a seamless flow from room to room.

lounge with resin floor sofa rug and perspex coffee table

Image: VR Resin Floors

Sustainable flooring

You might not instantly link a synthetic floor with being ecologically friendly, but polyurethane resin floors are exactly that. The floors are composed largely of renewable resources such as castor oil, while also being solvent-free and low emission.

The durable nature of resin flooring – those provided by VR Resin Floors have a life assessment of 40 years – further bolsters the sustainability of your floor. This is a floor for life, and one that’s easy to maintain.