Polished concrete floor enhancement ideas

Schemes to enhance a polished concrete floor

Making the most of the attributes of polished concrete

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It’s cool, contemporary and practical. No wonder polished concrete flooring has an allure for many self-builders and renovators. But before you get to the stage of pouring concrete for your Grand Designs project, take a look at the bigger picture.

With a curated selection of materials, colours and textures you can evoke any mood that takes your fancy, according to polished concrete experts Lazenby.

Getting started

While versatile concrete has its roots in industrial environments, a polished concrete floor can create soft and bright family spaces. Cool in the summer, it can also be warm and cosy underfoot in winter time if you’ve laid underfloor heating.

To get the look that works for you, create a palette of materials at the early stages of your project. Concrete flooring comes in an array of colours and finishes and Lazenby can send samples to add to your mood board of kitchen units finishes, wall colours and furniture ideas.

polished concrete floor

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Modern industrial

If you’re after a striking minimalist interior with a nod to Brutalist architecture, a polished concrete floor is the ideal jumping off point.

By opting for a monochrome colour palette and choosing shades that encourage an interplay of dark and light, striking effects are possible. For example, off white satin polished concrete from Lazenby brightens up an expanse of flooring, while kitchen units could be in steely grey.

Alternatively, dark grey polished concrete floors could be teamed with gloss white kitchen units. In an open-plan living space, the modern industrial look need not appear stark. Pile a cream sofa or armchair with textural cushions and a throw to soften the effect.

Photo: Peter Landers

Traditional chic

Renovation projects need a light hand to maintain the essential balance of old and new. This is where a polished concrete floor can work wonders. Used alongside natural materials it creates a characterful interior with a warm welcome.

‘Take your inspiration from the building’s past and develop your design from there,’ advises Ben Young, sales manager at Lazenby. ‘Original oak beams or an exposed brick wall are a great starting point.’

Photo: Jeremy Philips

Contemporary cosy

Inviting schemes are bound to result where concrete meets comfort. Bring in colourful, contemporary furniture, stylish lighting and interesting art, accessories and objects for a relaxed entertaining space.

Introduce tactile velvet for sofas or armchairs and bring in the warm gleam of brass. A patterned rug will add to the ambiance.

Photo: 82mm Photography

Photo: 82mm Photography

Urban organic

Combining an industrial approach with organic materials incorporates the best of both worlds. Natural timber tones are a key element in any urban organic-inspired space. An oak kitchen would pair excellently with light natural polished concrete from Lazenby. ‘The warm tones go well with concrete’s neutral shades, while adding depth to our bolder colours,’ says Ben.

Living plants are must. Not every project has floor to ceiling glazing but indoor plants can do just as much to bring the outside in. When planning a plant-scape choose vessels to complement your scheme and consider plant placement carefully.

polished concrete floor

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