10 art buying tips for self-builders and renovators

Grand designer Elinor Barikor explores how to approach buying art for a self build or renovation project

By Hugh Metcalf | 4 September 2020

Former grand designer Elinor Olisa Barikor explores whether you should build an art collection around your home or build a home around your art collection. 

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Image: David Giles

You may remember Elinor Olisa Barikor from Grand Designs back in 2018, where alongside her husband Born, she self-built an impressive new home, dedicated to becoming a hypoallergenic space to help minimise the effects of their children’s allergies.

However, what you may not know is that Elinor is also the co-founder of DegreeArt.com, and knows a thing or two not only about how to buy art, but what that process should look like if you’re a self-builder or renovator.

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Read on for Elinor’s top tips for approaching art for your build project.