Spray foam insulation for greener homes

Take a look at how spray foam insulation and solar panels are perfect partners for improving your home's energy efficiency.

By Jennifer Turner | 13 September 2020

Combining better insulation with solar panels will help lower energy bills and your home’s carbon emissions.


spray foam being applied in a loft by a man in a white suit

Image: Cisco

It doesn’t matter if you’re making adaptations to your current home or designing and developing a new one, energy use and cutting carbon are both more important than ever. Here are two ways to make a difference…

Why go green?

inside roof of house with insulation foam

Image: Cisco

When designing and building your own home, you have the opportunity to build ecological measures into it from the very beginning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make major changes when you’re looking to invest in your existing property.

By introducing several green measures, you can not only reduce your home’s carbon footprint and cut emissions, you can slash your energy bills and keep yourself and your family warmer for cheaper. It also helps to futureproof your home and adds value, as future buyers will want a home that’s cheaper to run.