Make a design impact with contemporary stairs and balconies

Bespoke contemporary staircases, gates and balconies can have a transformative effect on a self-build home

By Jennifer Turner | 17 February 2021

Discover how engineers can design bespoke stairs and balconies for your home.


Staircases have the potential to add drama to the design of your home like few other elements. We look at how these and other engineered elements can really make a place…

Floating staircase with ambient lighting and a potted plant

Image: S & L Engineering

One step at a time

One of the best ways to add a flourish to your home is with engineered metalwork. Whether it’s to make a statement in one area, as a finishing touch or as a persistent design theme throughout your home, the combination of metal, glass and wood can really add the wow factor.

It’s something that not only looks great but performs admirably too – it’s built with precision for your space, with durability as well as beauty. Plump for a floating staircase or a steel spine staircase – whatever you choose will add flair that’s blended seamlessly with the rest of your design.

glass bordered staircase in a hallways with marble flooring

Image: S & L Engineering