Why I installed a wood burning stove
Schiedel wood burning stove

Why I chose to have a wood burner installed

A homeowner shares her experience of heating her home with a Schiedel stove

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Wood burning stoves not only create a cosy home, they offer the chance to be more independent of the energy grid, whether that’s a necessity because you live in a remote location, or because you want more control over your bills. Leanne from Cramlington, Northumberland, recently had a Schiedel Series 1 wood burning stove installed. Here, she shares why she chose to heat her home with a log burner.

Why did you choose a wood burning stove?

We were in the throes of saving up for a new bathroom and when the bad weather hit around November last year, we decided we were better putting the money into a wood burner for the heating to keep our family warm. This decision was made due to our location. My husband has access to an infinite supply of wood because of the forestry he shoots on.

Which model did you choose?

The Schiedel Series 1. It has a great output and is very aesthetically pleasing. It is very modern and makes the house look super. Its sleek and very tall. Because it sits behind our sofa, due to the layout of the extension that we have, we needed a model that stood taller than the sofas.

Leanne's wood-burning stove

Leanne chose a Schiedel Series 1 wood burner because ‘it has a great output and is very aesthetically pleasing’

Do you have any concerns about installing a wood burner?

We initially decided to not have a wood burner because we’ve read about particle pollution and the various smoke restrictions in place, but then when the prices for gas and electric went up last year we just had to rethink things.

I live in a smokeless zone, so the wood burner had to be DEFRA-approved. We don’t burn excessively, even though our wood is free, and I have asthma but I’ve had no issues since having my log burner.

Do you feel that you have more control over your bills with a wood burner?

Absolutely! To be honest we would be in a sticky situation if we had to pay for gas and electric at this current rate. Some people simply cannot afford to put their heating on.

Schiedel fire

Photo: Schiedel

Would you consider any other off-grid heating measures like solar panels or heat pumps?

We did consider solar panels but the percentage that you can sell back to the grid had fallen and I didn’t want to get something that wouldn’t pay for itself for around another 20 years. I think everyone should have wind turbines. I wouldn’t mind seeing them around the neighbourhood and I would have one at the bottom of my garden because they are pretty neat. I wouldn’t consider a heat pump at this stage as they’re expensive.

What you need to know about wood burners:

  • A DEFRA-approved (also known as a DEFRA-exempt) wood burning stove is one that has been tested and passed the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs’ criteria for emission levels. An approved product has been modified by the manufacturer to limit the amount of combustion, so that wood burns efficiently without producing unnecessary smoke. DEFRA-approved log burner allows you to burn wood legally in smoke controlled areas.
  • Ecodesign log burners are designed to emit fewer harmful particles into the environment than their predecessors. In fact recent studies by KIWA GASTEC have found Ecodesign Ready stoves can offer a 90% reduction in particulates compared to an open fire and 80-94% compared to an old stove, according to Stove World.
  • The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA)‘s ClearSkies Level 5 is even more efficient, offering a 30% improvement on an Ecodesign ready stove.
  • For new self-build homes that rely on a heat pump, a wood burner can top-up heating during cold snaps, since heat pumps can struggle when the mercury plummets.

More about Schiedel stoves

The range of stoves from Schiedel also meet clearSkies Level 5 from the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). The range is also Defra-exempt, which is a requirement if you live in a smoke-control area. Schiedel Chimney Systems is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and a world brand, providing innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Visit schiedel.com to explore Ecodesign ready and clearSkies stoves, or send in your architect drawings and designs and Schiedel will put together a bespoke package with a free quote.

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