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Now that gas and electricity costs have skyrocketed, the search is on for ways to heat our homes that won’t break the bank. An Ecodesign ready stove is a great way to get the house toasty-warm, independent of the energy grid. Simply opt for a wood burning stove with its tempting flickering flames to bring an element of luxury to a refurbishment or retrofit project. For new self-build homes that rely on a heat pump, a wood burner can also be handy for top-up heating, since heat pumps can struggle when the mercury plummets.

Choose an Ecodesign stove

Ecodesign log burners are designed to emit fewer harmful particles into the environment than their predecessors. The range of stoves from Schiedel also meet clearSkies Level 5 from the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). Level 5 is a 30% improvement on an Ecodesign ready stove. The range is also Defra-exempt, which is a requirement if you live in a smoke-control area.

Ecodesign log burners are designed to emit fewer harmful particles into the environment than their predecessors

Ecodesign ready stoves are designed to emit fewer harmful particles into the environment. Photo: Schiedel

The right flue

The advantage of choosing a stove from Schiedel is that the flue system and stove system are designed and provided by the same company. Fitting is easier, no additional parts or materials are required and you can be sure the system is airtight.

Sirius and Celsius stoves from Schiedel also meet clearSkies Level 5, from the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). Level 5 is a 30% improvement on Ecodesign log burners.

Schiedel’s range meets clearSkies Level 5, which is a 30% improvement on Ecodesign stoves

Joined up approach

For a contemporary look, choose the Celsius insert stove from Schiedel. Its modern portrait shape and large glass window are part of the appeal, and the log burner has an added advantage. It’s designed around a chimney formed from blocks of natural pumice, sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. Pumice is a natural insulator and reduces the likelihood of condensation and soot build-up in the chimney, and the possibility of cracking.

Freestanding stove

A standalone stove makes for a welcoming focal point in your new home or retrofit project. Schiedel’s contemporary Sirius stove is ideal for timber framed buildings, outhouses, and log cabins. No ventilation holes need to be created in the walls for its linked Permeter flue system. This will pass safely through the ceiling and up through the roof. External air for the stove comes through the chimney itself which has three internal concentric rings.

New additions

Wood burning Models 1 and 3 are the latest additions to the Schiedel range of stoves. These log burners include a front window with a self-closing door. Model 3 has two side windows for additional heat dispersal and a wider view of the flames. It’s no problem if the floor is uneven as they come with adjustable legs. These Defra-exempt, clearSkies-rated stoves are available as packages with Schiedel’s twin-wall flue systems.

Defra exempt, clearSkies-rated stoves Sargas models 1 and 3 from Schiedel on a black background

Wood burning Models 1 and 3 from Schiedel are both Defra-exempt, clearSkies-rated stoves

Find out more

Schiedel Chimney Systems is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and a world brand, providing innovative and tailor-made solutions. Visit to explore Ecodesign ready stoves and Defra exempt, clearSkies stoves, or send in your architect drawings and designs and Schiedel will put together a bespoke package with a free quote.