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The all-in-one wood burner and chimney solution

For a safe, hassle-free build, install an integrated wood burning stove and chimney system

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When taking on a new-build project, planning in a wood burning stove, chimney and flue is far easier at the initial design stage. Schiedel’s unique all-in-one systems provide a wood burning stove and chimney solution. This avoids the headache of fitting a stove and then finding that the connections and other parts aren’t up to standard.

wood burning stove with chimney in a contemporary new build with large picture windows

Photo: Schiedel Chimney Systems

A safer stove

Fortunately, stoves are becoming more eco-friendly. New regulations ensure they emit fewer harmful particles into the environment. One important point to look out for when buying a new wood-burning stove is that it is Defra exempt, meaning it can be installed in smoke control areas.

New stoves must also be Ecodesign ready, achieving the new Defra standard required for all devices by 2022. Sirius and Celsius stoves from Schiedel also meet the ClearSkies Level 5, which is a 30% improvement on Ecodesign stoves. This is a new independent, UK-wide, wood burning stove certification scheme from Stove Industry Alliance (SIA).

wood burning stove with in-built chimney integrated into the wall

Photo: Schiedel Chimney Systems

A secure chimney system

The Sirius Wood Burning Stove Package matches up a stylish energy-efficient freestanding stove with a technologically advanced Permeter chimney system. This allows for an air-tight installation thanks to its concentric flue, which keeps the combustion air separate from the room the stove is in. It’s designed for flexible placement and no separate air channel adaptor or bypass is necessary. The system is completely safe for timber-frame buildings and log cabins.

modern log burner with chimney in a large open-plan log cabin

Photo: Schiedel Chimney Systems

Insert stove solution

If you can picture a contemporary insert stove in your new build home, achieving it will be a breeze with the Schiedel Celsius Log Burning Insert Stove Package. You can place the stove anywhere in the house, since the air supply is integrated. Instead of the nuisance of having to match up several components, this system is an all-in-one solution. The contemporary Celsius insert stove meets all the latest requirements and has two convection grilles for even heat distribution. It slots neatly into a volcanic pumice insulation frame. The height can be changed with additional chimney modules. Further volcanic pumice blocks stack up to form the chimney itself.

built in log burner in open-plan living and and dining room

Photo: Schiedel Chimney Systems

Why pumice blocks?

Pumice is a natural insulator, allowing the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach the correct temperature. This provides optimum performance of the stove shortly after lighting. Pumice keeps the chimney warm even as the heat output decreases, aiding performance and reducing condensation and soot build-up. Lightweight pumice also expands and contracts only minimally with temperature change, reducing the possibility of cracking and structural damage. Schiedel’s pumice is all natural and sourced from the Hekla volcano in Iceland.

log burner by Schiedel Chimney Systems, a UK flue and chimney manufacturer

Photo: Schiedel Chimney Systems

Find out more

Schiedel Chimney Systems is the leading flue and chimney manufacturer in the UK and a world brand, providing innovative and tailor-made solutions. Send in your architect drawings and designs and Schiedel will put together a bespoke wood-burning stove and chimney solution with a free quote.