daikin air source heat pump outside a modern family home with garden

How can I heat and cool my home more sustainably?

Sustainable heating and cooling systems can make your home greener and reduce energy costs

Promotional Feature By Lorraine Crighton-Smith | 10 October 2021

Are you looking for new ways to heat and cool your home while staying green? Whether you’re worried about rising energy costs today, or protecting the planet for tomorrow, you can make a difference with sustainable heating and cooling systems.

We know that climate change is happening – and small changes to your behaviour at home will help you use less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Daikin’s energy efficient air-source heat pump in a white modern utility room

Photo: Daikin

Perhaps you’ve cut down on your meat and dairy consumption, taken steps to minimise waste and are now considering replacing old-fashioned systems, such as gas or oil-fuelled boilers, with sustainable heating and cooling systems.

To kickstart a positive change at home, consider switching to a high-performance heat pump.

air source heat pump outside a modern home in a rural area

Photo: Daikin

Daikin’s air-source heat pumps use energy-efficient technology to comfortably warm or cool your home, giving you the control you expect – while cutting carbon emissions and minimising your impact on the planet.

Heat pumps work by extracting energy from one place – either from the air, the ground or a body of water – and transferring it to your home in an efficient, sustainable way. But it’s rare for homes in the UK to be next to a large body of water, and ground-source heat pumps can be costly and disruptive to install in the ground around your home.

friendly engineer installs air source heat pump in a modern family home

Photo: Daikin

With an air-source heat pump, like those from Daikin, you will only need a simple unit outside your home, which will then connect to the central system (an air-to-water heat pump) or to indoor units that circulate air (an air-to-air heat pump).

You can retrofit Daikin’s technology to an older property, or improve the carbon footprint of your modern home, while benefiting from government funding.

air source heat pump retrofitted into an older property with retired couple cosy indoors

Photo: Daikin

Whatever type of property you live in, a Daikin Sustainable Home Network expert can help you find the best solution for your needs so you can be the Energy for Change for generations to come.

Visit energyforchange.com to kickstart your change today