How to choose and install the perfect stove

The right stove can really be the core of your home, welcoming and warm. Find out what to look for with an expert guide to buying and installation.

By Jennifer Turner | 16 September 2020

Get an expert opinion on what to look out for when you’re considering a stove.


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Image: Stovax & Gazco

Thinking of putting a fireplace at the heart of your home? Experts Stovax and Gazco share their guide to choosing and installing the perfect stove for your property. It all begins with a little research…

Understanding smoke control zones

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Image: Stovax & Gazco

One of the first things to do is before having a stove or fire installed is to find out whether your home is situated in a Smoke Control Zone or not. If you live in an urban area, the chances are you live in a location with smoke restrictions, which will mean that burning wood will not be permitted unless you have a DEFRA-exempt appliance. Many are, however, but it’s still best to check with your local council website.

Alternatively, a multi-fuel stove gives you the option to burn authorised smokeless fuels in these areas, and gas and electric stoves and fires can also be used in all areas.

If it’s a wood burner that appeals to you, the Stovax Heating Group offer the largest range of DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt stoves and fires in the UK.