Grand Designs lockdown houses: before and after

Amazing transformations amidst difficult circumstances

By Hugh Metcalf | 12 February 2021

Grand Designs 2021 was a winter’s tale of Grand Designers who managed their self build projects during the pandemic. They came through one of the most difficult times to face those who set out to build their own homes. There’s no greater measure of each project’s success than by looking back at where their build journey began. Whether a derelict building renovation or an innovative self build, each project started from humble beginnings. Take a look at the Grand Designs 2021 TV houses; before and after.

Cemetery warden’s lodge, London

Justin Stuart Maxwell would often pass a dilapidated warden’s lodge when walking his dog Thunder through his local cemetery. But when a hoarding went up around the site, he became curious as to the fate of the building. Finding out it was for sale, Justin took the plunge with ambitious plans to renovate the existing building. He planned to knock down the run-down council block on the plot and create a grand home with a basement extension for himself and his young son.

Grand Designs cemetery house before shot

Image: Channel 4

Watch the episode: South west London, 2021