grand designs galloway clifftop house is buried into the landscape

A breathtaking Galloway self build

This exceptional house set on the cliffs in Galloway could be straight out of a spy thriller

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 4 September 2019

Breathtaking views and remote wilderness frame this exceptional self build in Scotland. Sailing enthusiasts Andy and Jeanette were walking their dogs, Nemo and Jess, when they came across an old military listening station perched high on rugged cliffs, sowing the seed for the Galloway Grand Designs house.

The Grand Designs Galloway clifftop house from the 2019 series

Photo: Douglas Gibb

The couple reimagined the site as a single storey, glass-fronted dwelling with spectacular views over the Irish Sea. The build, which featured on the first episode of the 2019 TV series, was designed to minimise the building’s impact on the landscape.

The landscaping

The new-build is partly covered in earth, to guard against the fierce elements that batter the area and to reduce the visual impact of the house, to satisfy local planning demands.

Full-height sliding glass doors open onto the terrace, which overlooks the North Channel. On a clear day it’s possible to see as far as Belfast Harbour.

galloway clifftop house from grand designs 2019 set on a rugged landscape

Photo: Douglas Gibb