Glazing: how to add natural light to your home

Create a space filled with light by choosing the right mix of windows, doors and fixed glazing.

By Hugh Metcalf | 1 June 2020

A lighter, brighter home is the goal of most modern self-builds and renovations. Take stock of the glazing options available for bringing more light into your space.


house build with aluminium windows - grand designs - self build

Image: Kloeber aluminium windows 

Adding natural light to a room can do wonders for your health, have a positive effect on your mood as well as creating a welcoming space for entertaining guests. So how do you maximise the natural light in your home? The experts at bespoke glazing specialists Kloeber lay out the options.

Large Glazed Doors

Connecting your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces with a bifold or sliding door is one of the single most desired aspects of any self-build or extension project and it goes without saying, they will make the most of the light coming in too. Bifold doors will open up to 90% of the aperture and are perfect for smaller openings whereas sliding doors will open up to 75% of the aperture with one of the panes remaining fixed in place and the others sliding behind. French doors also allow for natural light to flood in and can be installed with fixed glazing panels to offer a similar ‘wall of glass’ effect as bifold and sliding doors. Whether you want to increase the light coming into a north facing room or make the most of the light in a south facing room, glazed doors will make any room feel larger and brighter.

house with alu clad windows - grand designs - self build

Image: Kloeber Alu-clad windows, doors and fixed glazing

Internal glazing – windows and doors

Internal glazing offers a source of light shared from another room. Windows don’t need to be on an external wall! Add light and an interesting feature to your home with a glass panel above an internal door or as a point of interest in a kitchen. Alternatively, try a simple, single glass door to add light to a dark hallway from a dining or living room and why not consider an internal bifold door? They offer an ideal solution with the dual purpose of creating zones within the family living space as well as allowing light to flow through, from room to room.