Sliding doors offer beautiful country views for this Norfolk home

Sliding doors and slim windows are a great way to open up sightlines in your home. This inspirational new build in Norfolk shows what’s possible...

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner | 27 September 2020

Take a tour of this self build home with beautiful sightlines across the Norfolk countryside thanks to slimline sliding doors.

When you’re surrounded by beautiful countryside, you can make the most of your views with slimline sliding doors and next-level glazing. This incredible home shows what’s possible when you opt for quality…

Built in beauty

lounge area of home with sofa fireplace and plants

Image: ID Systems

This architect-designed house replaced existing 1950s buildings that weren’t complementary to the beautiful area in which they were situated. Focussed on a courtyard, the new home is a low-energy and sustainable new build of remarkable design, built to be lived in but still aesthetically stunning.

Key to the home is the use of ultra-slim sliding doors that have the effect of blurring the boundaries between inside and out, but also let light flood in where it’s most needed. Most importantly of all, perhaps, is the view of the stretch of coastline that the house faces across the nearby salt marshes.

Embrace the seasons

living room with green sofas table patio doors and arc lamp

Image: ID Systems

By utilising sliding patio doors and slimline aluminium glazing, this is a home that allows the owners to react to the weather and seasons. When it’s sunny, light penetrates the house and the doors can be thrown open to create indoor/outdoor living areas. It creates a vibe of airiness and spaciousness and lends itself to alfresco living.

Should the weather change, the doors used – theEDGE 2.0 ultra-slim sliding door – are rated for severe weather, with excellent water and air tightness as well as impeccable wind resistance. It’s a door that looks wonderful but also delivers superlative performance.