Choose frameless glass curtains for spectacular sightlines

Frameless bi-fold doors are ideal for maximising sightlines and for making the most of natural light. We look at an innovative range.

By Jennifer Turner | 22 September 2020

This unique glazing lets natural light into your home and offers uninterrupted views to your outdoor space.


view from outside through glass doors to dining area

Image: FGC

If you want to maximise sightlines and bring the outdoors inside, frameless glazing is a potential game changer. Having supplied for prestigious clients, including Audi, Mercedes and Manchester United, FGC offer the only truly frameless bi-fold doors that slide, fold and stack, giving you the ideal outlook and letting natural light shine in.

Take a closer look at how they can transform your property…

A frameless future

patio with folding doors leading to lounge and kitchen

Image: FGC

With increasing numbers of people designing their dream homes to make the most of their outdoor space, there has been a real push towards blurring the boundaries between inside and out. It’s an approach that lets you have a simple transition between interior and exterior, but also one that allows you to enjoy views with minimal obstruction.