The benefits of bespoke garden design

The right garden design company can help you realise the full potential of your garden and help you enjoy al fresco life

By Jennifer Turner | 26 August 2020

How a comprehensive garden masterplan can make the most of your outdoor space and complement your house.


landscaped garden with steps and wooden arch

Image: Zelkova Design

Whether urban or rural, a professionally designed garden can complete your home. A bespoke approach ensures that no two gardens are the same, and that yours will reflect the way you want to live…

The great outdoors

landscaped garden with paving and plants

Image: Zelkova Design

Planning your own home is a dream for many,  but any grand design shouldn’t neglect your outdoor space. Your garden is part of your home, and whether you want it to contrast or complement your house, there’s much to be said for planning how it can look.

A great garden can boost happiness and wellbeing, which is why garden design is an artform to be cherished. A creative and professional garden design company can really help you realise your garden’s full potential.

A design for life

By getting your garden designed for you, you’ll have a space that’s built not just for instant beauty, but for the long term. Whether you’re after a creative garden, something modern or traditional, they’ll take your needs into account and thoroughly discuss what you want from your garden.

This might be areas for entertaining and recreation, al fresco dining, or perhaps you’re looking to have a kitchen garden where you grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Alternatively, you may desire a garden that’s low maintenance. Zelkova Design will take all that into account and draw on their extensive experience to make suggestions you may not have thought of. They know how to space, how to plant for the short, medium and long terms, and can suggest an architectural basis for your garden.