What to consider before installing an outdoor shower

Discover what n outdoor shower can offer your garden and the practical considerations before specifying one.

By Hugh Metcalf | 5 August 2020

A garden shower can be a practical addition for your home if you have the space and need. Take a look at what you should consider if including one in your project.

poolside shower with saloon style door in home - grand designs

Image: A poolside shower, seating and changing room was created at this residential property in Somerset by architect De Rosee Sa. Photo: Alex James 

While installing an outdoor garden shower isn’t going to be a necessity for many homeowners, there are plenty of reasons to consider one as an addition to your garden scheme, even for those who live in less than tropical climes for the majority of the year.

The Grand Designs magazine teamed asked Yousef Mansuri, Head of Design at C.P. Hart, for his key considerations for such a project.

outdoor shower with slate tiles - home improvements - grand designs

Image: This outdoor shower features a sunken tray to collect water, lined with Nero Riven Slate tiles from Mandarin Stone

Why install an outdoor shower?

Installing an outdoor garden shower is the perfect option for those who live by the sea, have a pool or hot tub, or need some respite from the warmth in summer. It can also be the perfect solution in a colder climate when wanting to have a view whilst showering or as a place perhaps to wash the dog after a muddy walk or children after an equally muddy football match.

As they are relatively small they are compact and make a great solution for a garden which may be too small for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.