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2.5m cantilever parasol over garden furniture on a patio adjacent to new kitchen extension

10 best-selling garden parasols

Keep the sun at bay this summer with these popular designs

By Victoria Purcell | 17 June 2022

Garden parasols are a must for outdoor living as the mercury creeps upwards of 25ºC. To get enough shade in the right place, you need to find the best parasol for your set up. Size, shape, mechanism and UV protection are just some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a garden parasol, as well as how heavy the base needs to be to stand up to the wind, and whether you want an upright, wall-mounted, crank-and-tilt or cantilever parasol.

To see what’s proving popular this summer, furnishings website, which showcases collections from more than 100 retailers, has shared their top 10 best-selling parasols.

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1. Tilting cantilever parasol

The Royce Ambassador smoke grey tilting parasol from Dunelm has a Novasun canopy, which is made from recycled plastic chips, offers UPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection and is fade and weather-resistant. This one offers full rotation for flexible shade options and has an LED light so you can carry on entertaining after the sun sets. The canopy measures H 265cm x L 300cm x D 300cm, while the pole diameter is 58mm x 88mm. This tilting parasol can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and comes with a one-year guarantee. Bases and weights are not included. Priced £599, available via

cantilevered parasol with white canopyand grey base over grey and white garden dining set

Royce Ambassador tilting parasol with Novasun canopy from Dunelm

2. Parasol with LED lights

The Zeus rotating cantilever parasol from Olivia’s is available in taupe or charcoal with a round or square canopy, so you can tailor it to suit any garden, patio, decking or lawn. It has a simple lift mechanism and vented top section. The acrylic, UV-resistant canopy is fitted with LED lights to create atmosphere as dusk falls, and is also weather resistant and can be wiped clean. The square canopy measures H 262cm x W 3m, while the round canopy measures H 262cm x W 3.5m. The 80 x 80cm parasol base is included with this model. Priced £699, available via

Maze Rattan Zeus cantilever garden umbrella in taupe with round canopy by a swimming pool

Zeus rotating cantilever parasol from Olivia’s

3. Freestanding parasol with LED light

This easily adjusted freestanding cantilever parasol from John Lewis is ideal for a four to six-seater garden dining table set. It’s easy to operate with a crank handle and is height adjustable. Solar-powered LEDs on the all-weather canopy frame provide light when the sun dips, and the canopy offers UV 50+ sun protection. The corrosion-resistant aluminium pole has a diameter of 48mm and the parasol requires a minimum base weight of 60kg. Not recommended for use in windy weather. Priced £195, available from

Freestanding parasol with LED light in courtyard garden with natural garden furniture

Freestanding cantilever parasol with solar-powered LEDs from John Lewis

4. Patterned garden umbrella

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of the traditional garden umbrella, take a look at this Firuza-print parasol from Graham and Green. It features an ornate turquoise lace design (Firuza originates from Persian, meaning ‘radiant’) that works in both gardens and on beaches. The round parasol has a height of 259cm and diameter or 213cm when open. The cover is 100% cotton and the frame is made of steel with a detachable parasol pole. Spot clean only. Priced £475 and available via

outdoor dining set with patterned umbrella with drinks tray next to a wooden fence

Firuza-print parasol from Graham and Green

5. Sage green shade

This freestanding cantilever parasol from Dunelm comes in a serene shade of pale sage that looks great in lush, green gardens. It has an easy-to-use crank to help adjust the position of the 3m canopy and comes with a base, although quarter parasol weights are required to keep it stable (not recommended for use in extremely windy conditions). This simple, stylish sun shade comes with a one-year guarantee, and is also available as a 2.7m upright garden umbrella. Priced £69 and available via

Pale sage cantilever parasol with grey stand over pale sage sun lounger in modern garden

Sage green freestanding cantilever parasol from Dunelm

6. Compact cantilever parasol

This 2.5m canopy parasol is ideal for smaller spaces. The Norfolk Leisure Royce Junior from Garden Furniture Centre has an aluminium mainframe with grey coating, while the soft grey canopy offers UPF 50+ protection and is resistant to mould and colour-fade. The parasol tilts forwards and backwards and the foot pedal on the base facilitates 360-degree movement for greater cover. It comes with a free cover and there’s an option to add an 80kg fillable base measuring 107 x 107cm. Priced £249.99 and available via

The Norfolk Leisure Royce Junior parasol from Garden Furniture Centre has a 2.5m canopy

The Norfolk Leisure Royce Junior parasol from Garden Furniture Centre has a 2.5m canopy

7. Full rotation parasol

The Royce Executive cantilever parasol from Cuckooland offers a 3m canopy that rotates and tilts so that you can stay in the shade throughout the day. It has an easy-action handle and tilt system, a sturdy aluminium frame and Novasun polyester canopy offering UPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection. It’s available in three shades – soft grey, carbon or taupe – and comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults. The base is not included, but can be bought separately. Priced £469 and available via

Full rotation cantilever umbrella with square canopy in carbon

Royce Executive rotate-and-tilt cantilever parasol from Cuckooland

8. Wind-proof parasol

The Bambrella Side Wind Hurricane Parasol from Garden Chic has been wind tested up to 90kmph and includes two 70kg base slabs to keep it in place. It also has a 3.5m canopy made of Spuncrylic, which offers good fade-resistance and water repellence as well as UPF 50+ sun protection. The two-part granite base allows for a 360-degree turn and an angle tilt up to 45 degrees. The parasol also features a double rope and pulley system for easy opening and closing and is suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Priced £1,599 and available via

wind proof double parasol

The Bambrella Side Wind Hurricane Parasol from Garden Chic stands up to 90kmph winds

9. Wall-mounted parasol

This wall-mounted parasol with square canopy from The Garden Furniture Centre is ideal when outdoor space is at a premium. The 2m canopy is made from tough spun polyester, which is protected against colour fading and infused with UV stabilisers. The powder-coated aluminium frame is robust and rust-resistant, and folds away tightly to the wall when not in use. A smooth cantilever mechanism is fitted with a release handle for easy opening and closing. The bracket height measures 55cm and the distance from the wall when extended is 287cm. Priced £149.99 and available via

Wall-mounted parasol with 2m square canopy from The Garden Furniture Centre

Wall-mounted parasol with 2m square canopy from The Garden Furniture Centre

10. Crank-and-tilt parasol

The Jenifer crank-and-tilt cantilever parasol with 3m canopy from Wayfair has an easy-to-use crank handle opening and closing mechanism that’s ideal for those with limited mobility. The two-way tilt function with slide control and 360-degree rotation, controlled via a foot pedal, provide flexible shade solutions. The parasol is supplied with a powder-coated anthracite-coloured aluminium frame and X-shaped base plate, which can be held in place with weights. A water-fillable base unit can be bought separately. Priced £469.99 and available via

3m terrace umbrella with black canopy over black lounger set

Jenifer crank-and-tilt cantilever parasol from Wayfair


Types of garden parasols

Cantilever parasols solve the issue of the stand getting in the way, especially with larger set ups featuring a corner garden sofa, dining table and additional seating. The cantilever system means the canopy overhangs your garden furniture while the base and the main pole stand to the side.

Tilting parasols allow you to move the canopy as the sun moves across the garden, keeping you in the shade without needing to move the parasol. With a 360° rotation option, you have even greater flexibility.

Upright parasols take the shape of a typical garden umbrella, with the stand and base directly under the canopy. An upright parasol is fine for smaller set ups of just one or two sun loungers or garden chairs, as well as for simple garden dining table set ups.

Wall-mounted parasols are great for a patio, terrace or decked area adjacent to the house. Attached to the wall, and more often than not cantilevered, this set up can also help keep your home cool by preventing the sun streaming through windows.

What to consider when buying a parasol

UV protection differs vastly between products. A higher price tag usually offers a better quality of canopy, as well as a more durable lifting mechanism. Look out for a minimum protection of UPF 30, but ideally aim for UPF 50+ as parasols do not completely block UVs. The higher the density of the fabric, the better protection it will offer against UV rays.

Lift mechanisms vary from a simple push-it-up system (like an umbrella), to a pulley or crank-and-tilt parasol, which is best for those with limited mobility. A cranking mechanism makes it easy to raise the canopy, before tilting it to offer the best sun protection.

Pole materials also vary – choose from eco-friendly wood, which will likely need to be treated annually, aluminium, which is more hardwearing and rust-resistant, or powder-coated steel, which tends to be less expensive.

The parasol base will depend on the size and weight of the parasol and how windy the area is. Parasol bases are often sold separately for this reason, and the company you are buying from should offer guidance as to the base weight for the parasol you are buying. For commercial use, look for parasol bases wind-tested up to 90kmph.