Bathroom wall tiles with the wow factor

For both classic and modern bathroom makeovers, tiles are the perfect focal point to style your design around.

By Jennifer Turner | 4 August 2020

Whether renovating a space or building a home from scratch, ensure your bathroom is a stylish space with the latest tile designs.

modern bathroom with matching wall and floor tiles

Image: Crown Tiles

Modern tile ranges pack enough good looks and design oomph to form the focal point of a brand new bathroom or a makeover. Here’s how to maximise their impact…

Standing up to water

walk in shower with large tiles next to bathtub

Image: Crown Tiles

Tiles punch above their weight when it comes to planning a bathroom. You can choose to use them as accents, of course, but they can also be the fundamental design focus of your renovation or design.

In addition to versatile good looks, however, they also provide function that other materials can’t match. This is the room that’s wetter and more humid than any other, meaning some materials are inappropriate, and others can be used but won’t perform well – we’re looking at you, linoleum. Things that rot and warp don’t fare well in wet environments, whereas ceramic bathroom tiles employ a glaze that makes them waterproof.

Hard-wearing and hygienic

two bathroom sinks with illuminated mirrors and wall tiles

Image: Crown Tiles

That same glaze adds another resistance – to cracking. Modern bathroom tiles are strong and unlikely to crack in normal use, but if they do – if you drop something particularly heavy on one – you won’t have to replace a entire piece of flooring as you do with some alternatives. Simply replace a single tile.

Hygiene and ease of keeping clean are other reasons to invest in bathroom tiles too. They keep their gleam with simple wiping and stay looking fresh.