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Bathroom trends for 2024

From appliances and decorations to fixtures and fittings, these are the bathroom trends in 2024 that are going to be big over the coming year

By Sara D'Souza |

The mood for bathroom trends in 2024 is moving away from the purely functional and towards using a mix of smart technology and sensory touches, such as texture and lighting, to add a luxury feel. Bathrooms are becoming spaces of sanctuary and an escape from the outside world. They’re a place for mindfulness and the opportunity to unwind properly.

Whether you’re planning a full bathroom renovation or a revamp with what you already have, from decorating to fixtures and fittings, these are the bathroom design trends you can expect to see in 2024.

1. Vertical tile stacking

Gone are the days of uniform white squares, vertical tile stacking is a riff on the eponymous New York subway tile. Tile stacking is great with a tall, yet smaller bathroom and perfect for a downstairs toilet as it can make the space appear bigger.

Work with short, slim tiles, rather than large ones and bonus points if you add texture with a Zellige tile. Originating from Morocco, Zellige tiles (pronounced zell-ige) are made from local clay, hand-shaped and fired with glaze on the front. Given the hand-crafting, no two tiles are alike, so they give a rich depth, texture and character to the room.

Textured Zellige tiles are a big bathroom trend 2024

Image credit: Walls and Floors

2. Biodynamic lighting

In 2024, biodynamic lighting is going to play more of a key role in our lives, and its evolution has the power to change the way we feel. The majority of lighting we experience in our homes is monotonous, but biodynamic lighting links to our biological circadian rhythms, a natural internal rhythm that responds to light and dark within a 24-hour period.

By increasing responsiveness to light direction and temperature, we can mimic daylight inside and radically improve our moods and sleep. The touchpad controllers for these kinds of lights also maximise efficiency and save energy and money.

Image credit: Roper Rhodes

3. Water-recycling showers

One step ahead in the appliances department, Grohe are launching their first water-recycling shower, Everstream, which will hit the markets in spring 2024. It works by splitting the shower experience into three parts:

  1. First, users start the shower with fresh water, as with any regular shower.
  2. Once finished using the shampoo or soap, the user can switch mode: The water collected in the drain after switching is pumped into a circuit, maintaining the desired temperature, and hygienically treating the water.
  3. After use, cleaning takes place to prepare the shower for the next user’.

Grohe says that “the Everstream system uses as little as a quarter of the water and a third of the energy typically required by traditional showers, translating into a cost-saving of up to 65% a year for a four-person household and up to 70% fewer CO2 emissions, depending on individual shower habits”. As it’s all automatic, it means that you don’t have to manually save water in the shower.

Smart showers will save energy and money

Image credit: Grohe

4. Spathroom

As we continue to bring wellness into our lives and homes, bathrooms are merging with spa style and creating the newly coined ‘spathroom’. A luxurious and pampering experience is sought-after to level up your daily ablutions. Covering all the senses is key, like smooth textured marble tiling, layered scents, minimising clutter and built-in speakers for surround sound.

Cohesion is also important, so stick to one finish throughout with high-quality hardware and soft furnishings (don’t skimp on the towels). If budget and space are no object consider adding a heat-therapy space, steam shower and smart lighting.

Onyx wall and floor tiles to create a spathroom

Image credit: Tile Mountain

5. Eco-friendly hardware

Details matter in 2024 and new brand on the block Plank Hardware is bringing sustainability and luxury to your home. Founded by husband and wife duo Tom and Annie in 2019, Plank Hardware was born out of a frustration of not being able to source “trend-forward designs, at a decent quality, for a fair price”, so they made their own.

Plank Hardware uses one of three base metals, lead-free brass, stainless steel (which is easily recyclable) and lightweight aluminium, and operates as a B corp certified, carbon neutral business.

Luxurious and sustainable hardware is a key bathroom trend for 2024

Image credit: Plank Hardware

6. AI visualisation

As AI hits the mainstream, admittedly not without controversy, can it become a viable tool for aiding the interior design process? Throughout 2024 the capabilities of AI will undoubtedly evolve, but for now, it’s a handy tool to help you with visualisation in your home. It can help you play around with everything from materials to furnishings to appliance placement.

Programmes such as AI interior Designer or Midjourney are platforms that can create highly realistic visuals delivered on the text prompts you give. The more specific your prompts, the more tailored the outcome will be.

AI interior design programmes are aiding visualisation

Image credit: Wilsonart

7. Large-format tiles

Often reserved for commercial use, large format tiles (think anything 800 x 800 mm or above) are a big trend for residential bathroom interiors in 2024.

Producing a crisp and uniform finish, large-format tiles require less grout as the tiles sit closely together. With fewer grout lines, the bathroom can appear bigger and give a sleek, modern feel and is very handy for easy cleaning.

Surface drenching, particularly in marble, is also a big trend for 2024, where the same tile materials are used for walls and floors, and large format tiles lend themselves to this.

Large-format tiles from Ca' Pietra

Image credit: Ca’ Pietra

8. Concealed showers

Elevating the everyday act of showering is a game-changer in how you start and finish your day, and concealed showers can create a better experience. Moving away from a glass cube in the corner or a glass shower door above a bath, concealed showers are built in their own space, in much the same way a separate toilet would be.

Think about how the light will work, as you don’t want to space to be too dark, a window or skylight is key. A concealed shower is also the ideal space for a ‘shower nook’, which is a shelf that’s built into the cavity of the shower wall. This alcove provides the perfect waterproof space to keep your shower bottles, at a handy height.

Create an enclosed shower space in your bathroom

Image credit: Clearwater Interiors

9. Fluted detailing

Texture, the buzzword of 2023, shows no sign of abating in 2024, but the latest trend sees it move into the bathroom arena. Fluted wooden cabinetry adds depth to a room, and if it’s in a rich timber tone, can bring an organic touch. Wall-hung pieces are especially popular in 2024, and medicine cabinets are seeing a comeback. Both are good for space efficiency in your bathroom.

If you want to bring fluting into your bathroom in other textures, think stylish reeded glass shower doors or glass accessories. Harking back to the Art Deco period fluted tiling will not only add texture, it’ll bring a touch of understated luxe.

Fluted wall hung vanity units are a new 2024 trend

Image credit: Drench

10. Circular design

Bathroom design is spenny, there’s no doubt about it, which is why as a bathroom trend in 2024 circular design, second-hand and vintage finds are seeing a revival.  Breaking away from more utilitarian styles, you can add your own stamp and personal flair with a mix and match bathroom.

Not only is it cheaper and more sustainable, it’s also usually immediately available. This is a major plus given the long wait times bathroom suites can incur. Think free-standing tubs, oversize mirrors, double basins built into vintage dressers and kilim rugs instead of bath mats. Scour flea-markets, Vinterior and Facebook Marketplace.

Vintage and circular bathrooms are making a comeback in 2024

Image credit: Ksenia Chernaya