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5 steps to an industrial style bathroom

Expert advice on how to create an industrial scheme

By Jason Podesta |

The industrial aesthetic has gained significant popularity in recent years, with its raw and edgy appeal capturing the imagination of interior design enthusiasts.

While commonly associated with loft apartments and converted industrial spaces, this trend can also be successfully incorporated into smaller areas, such as bathrooms.

Grand Designs speaks to Deirdre Mc Gettrick, CEO and founder of ufurnish.com, the UK’s largest search and discovery platform for furniture who offers her expertise on creating the look.

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1. Embrace raw materials

One of the fundamental aspects of an industrial-themed bathroom is the use of raw materials. Industrial design celebrates the beauty of unfinished elements and natural textures.

Incorporating materials like exposed brick, concrete, metal, and reclaimed wood can instantly infuse the space with an industrial charm. Consider exposing brick walls or using concrete finishes for a rugged yet sophisticated look.


Wall mounted corner shelf by Wayfair. £162.99 from ufurnish.com

2. Play with textures

Texture plays a crucial role in any interior design style, and it is particularly important in creating an industrial look. Mix and match textures to add depth and character to your bathroom.

Pair smooth metal fixtures with rough surfaces like distressed wood or stone tiles. Add in tactile elements such as woven baskets, brushed stainless steel accessories, or vintage-inspired hardware to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Homary concrete sink

Industrial concrete bathroom basin with towel bar and shelf by Homary. £429.99 from ufurnish.com

3. Industrial lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance and highlighting the unique features of an industrial-themed bathroom. Choose lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs, wire cages, or metal shades to create an authentic industrial feel.

Pendant lights with Edison bulbs or wall sconces with blackened metal finishes can add a touch of vintage charm. Combine task lighting with accent lights to achieve the desired effect while ensuring functionality.


Marine industrial wall light by Dunelm. £49 each from ufurnish.com

4. Minimalist and functional fixtures

The industrial style is known for its simplicity and functionality. Choose minimalist fixtures that complement the overall aesthetic.

Clean lines, sleek faucets, and minimalistic hardware in brushed metal or matte black finishes are ideal choices for an industrial bathroom. Consider wall-mounted sinks or trough-style basins to further enhance the utilitarian appeal.


Wood framed round bathroom storage mirror by John Lewis. £100 from ufurnish.com

5. Statement pieces

To complete the industrial look, incorporate statement pieces and carefully chosen décor. Think about adding vintage or repurposed elements such as an antique mirror, salvaged signs, or industrial-style shelving units.

Utilise open shelving to display decorative items like plants in metal containers, ceramic vessels, or vintage-inspired artwork. These elements will add a personalised touch and contribute to the overall industrial vibe.


Metal bathroom cabinet with patterned glass door by Rockett St George. £175 from ufurnish.com