Tesla Powerwall for Solar
The Tesla Powerwall can be used indoor or outdoors

Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Tesla Powerwall

If you’re looking to future proof your home with a sustainable energy solution, installing Tesla Powerwall with solar could be the answer

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Solar and battery storage is not just a buzzword; it’s a smart investment that pays off in the long run. By harnessing the power of the sun at home, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also slash your monthly electricity bills. Installing Tesla Powerwall with solar is a way of introducing a home improvement project to future proof your home that’s both efficient and affordable.

Tesla Powerwall is a game-changer in the world of cutting-edge energy storage. This sleek, wall-mounted battery seamlessly integrates with solar panels, allowing you to store excess energy generated during the day for use during peak hours or when the sun goes down. No more worries about intermittent energy supply; Powerwall also provides a reliable and continuous source of clean energy in a grid outage.

Explore the possibilities of solar energy and Tesla Powerwall for your home

The importance of solar power and battery storage

As we move into 2024 the need for sustainable choices and cost saving is becoming imperative. With rising energy prices, your electricity bills can make up a high proportion of your monthly outgoings, harnessing solar energy can dramatically lower these bills and be highly cost saving in the long run. By investing in solar and a energy storage solution like Tesla Powerwall, you’ll be making steps towards creating a better future.

Solar energy and Powerwall is clean energy and doesn’t use fossil fuels, therefore it significantly reduces greenhouse gases like sulphur oxides and Co2 emissions. By reducing pollution, you’ll help improve air quality and largely decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

With extreme weather increasing and bringing more frequent storm outages, plus the added challenge of ageing power infrastructure, a backup option for your energy is becoming a necessity.

Bring solar energy into your home with the Tesla Powerwall

How to bring solar energy and Tesla Powerwall into your home

There are factors you’ll need to consider before installing solar panels on your roof and that’s first and foremost their location. You want the panels to be positioned in the best place to receive not only the most sun, but also the best quality sun. Powerwall can be installed either inside, for example in a garage, or outside and can be wall or floor mounted. A Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer can perform a site inspection on your home to determine the best aspect for panels and location for Powerwall. You can find a Powerwall Certified Installer in your area here.

Explore the possibilities of solar energy and Tesla Powerwall for your home

The design of the Powerwall is smart and compact

Dynamic Duo: Maximised savings

You don’t need solar panels to install a Tesla Powerwall, it can charge from the grid and work off that alone. However, when combined, solar panels and Tesla Powerwall create a synergy that maximises your cost savings. It works in a couple of ways, firstly it gives you full energy independence, as you’ll be not only generating your own electricity but storing it too. This reduces your reliance on the grid, so you won’t be as dictated to by price fluctuations or affected by power outages. A lower reliance on the grid will vastly minimise your electricity bills.

Powerwall also helps you maximise energy savings through Time-Based Control. With Time-Based Control, Powerwall will charge from the grid when energy costs from your provider are low and power your home when energy costs from your provider are high. This can enable £400-£600 in savings per year.

Paired with solar panels the Tesla Powerwall is most efficient


The Powerwall with help reduce your bills and carbon footprint

Added benefits of Tesla Powerwall

A huge benefit of Powerwall is that you can monitor and manage your home’s energy production and consumption in real time through the Tesla app. You can set preferences to optimise for energy independence, outage protection or savings. The Tesla app will also send you instant alerts and can be accessed remotely, allowing you to control your system from anywhere.

The super sleek design is compact and is a smart solution to your home. It’s water resistant and tough, meaning it can endure harsh weather conditions. Powerwall is also scalable, and can be stacked up to 10 units. The unit doesn’t have any exposed wires or hot vents, making it totally child and pet friendly, and can operate in temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees.

Explore the possibilities of solar energy and Tesla Powerwall for your home

The Tesla Powerwall can be used indoor or outdoors

Differences between Tesla Powerwall and a backup generator

The main difference between a Tesla Powerwall and a backup generator is that a backup generator is typically run from fossil fuels, like natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. The backup generator therefore does not fall into the eco-friendly power solution category. While the backup generator has a lower upfront and installation cost, it will require refuelling, servicing, oil changes and is noisy. Tesla Powerwall in contrast has no maintenance or operating sound. Fluctuating fuel prices will also factor highly in the cost of running your backup generator, while Powerwall can enable you to become more independent and dramatically reduce your reliance on the grid.

How is Powerwall installed?

Installations of Powerwall are carried out through third party installation companies who are trained and certified by Tesla. Referred to as Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, they will provide your site inspection, quotation, and installation. You can find your nearest Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer here.

Ready to take the leap into a sustainable future? Explore the possibilities of solar energy and Tesla Powerwall for your home.