Simplify your car charging experience with Zaptec

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Are you looking to start your EV journey?

Zaptec believe that the future is electric and that adventures should be powered more sustainably. By making EV charging accessible for all, they hope to inspire a new generation of explorers with the freedom to go wherever – whenever.

Zaptec Go 

Award-winning home charger, where minimalist design meets innovation. Clean in design and clever in function – the home charger which simplifies your charging experience.

• 5-year guarantee: Built to last. Designed, developed and manufactured in Norway, for rough weather conditions.

• 7.4kW & PEN fault detection: With built-in PEN fault detection, you can rest assured that you can get the maximum charge, without safety being an issue.

• Always connected: Internet connection via WiFi with over-the-air updates for the latest features. This means your unit is always up to date, your charger will just get better and better over time with integrations and updates.

• Fast install: The Zaptec Go saves both time and cost on installation, making it a dream for installers and customers alike.

• Powers any EV: No bigger than an iPad and only 1.3kg. Skip the car compatibility check – our charger works with any EV.

• Zaptec App: Keep yourself updated on your home charging with the Zaptec app which turns your phone into an EV mission control centre.

• Six colours available: Choose between – Asphalt Black, Midnight Blue, Rock Grey, Wood Brown, Cloud White, Moss Green.

Complete the form today, to get a FREE choice of colour!

Zaptec Pro

Engineered for scalability, with patented technology that redefines power efficiency. Whether it’s a single charging station or a thousand, this system is designed for efficient charging at any scale.

• Patented technology – Charge a large number of cars without costly capacity upgrades thanks to our patented dynamic phase and load balancing technology.

• Flexible installation – Quickly scale from one to 1000+ charging stations and manage them all seamlessly with free access to our Zaptec Portal.

• 5-year guarantee – Zaptec Pro is built to last. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Norway for some of the roughest weather on the planet.

Suitable for: Fleet management | Public parking | Businesses | Destination charging |

What makes our charging technology unique?

Most buildings have three power phases, but consumption is rarely perfectly balanced between them. Since many EVs charge on just one phase, you risk reducing charging speeds drastically when many cars charge on the same phase. With our dynamic phase balancing, it’s as if we physically move cars around the parking lot to utilise all three phases evenly. Depending on your car, we can also switch between one and three-phase charging.