What is a turnkey self-build home?

Explore the idea of these hands-off self-builds, where a single company has taken the project from concept to completion

By Emily Brooks | 4 June 2020

While this method may cost you more, a turnkey build’s single company offering is the right approach for some self-builders. Find out more and discover three examples to inspire you.

Baufritz modern home turnkey build - grand designs

Image: Baufritz  

A turnkey self-build is usually defined as a project where there’s a single point of contact for the design, construction and some or all of the fit-out. It means cost certainty with a fixed price, but the lack of risk shouldered by the homeowners may make it more expensive than other methods.

The ultra-efficient kit homes from the continent often operate on a turnkey basis, but many UK companies do it too, working across various styles and structural systems. Definitions of ‘turnkey’ vary: for example, some companies even take care of planning and plot-finding; others will want you to arrange your own groundworks.