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Approval granted

Tye Architects are experts in achieving Paragraph 80 homes in a green belt or rural setting

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

Once you’ve found the ideal location for your dream Grand Designs style home, you’ll need planning permission for the project. And if the plot is in a green belt or rural location, there’s a further hoop to jump through, namely Paragraph 80. By using the expertise of an architectural practice such as Tye Architects to smooth the way, you can be sure of success.

What is Paragraph 80?

Within the national planning policy framework (NPPF) there are multiple clauses and paragraphs stipulating what you’re allowed to build. NPPF Paragraph 80 starts with a restriction on building, but then fortunately has a set of exemptions to this rule. The one of most interest to anyone looking to build a rural home is Section E, which talks about the design needing to be of ‘exceptional quality’.

What counts as exceptional quality?

At Tye Architects, the idea is to have an innovative and outstanding design that meets and sets new standards. Each unique design intends to bring an outstanding contemporary design to a rural area in order to enhance and accentuate its characteristics.

What’s the first step?

Planning a Paragraph 80 build requires a development appraisal. This is essentially an evaluation of the prospective site. This vital stage will bring up any pitfalls the site might have or reasons why the development may not be viable. Uncovering anything like this early can save a huge amount of time, effort and expense.

Designing the dream

After the initial stage, the team at Tye Architects will collaborate with you to come up with a jewel of a home; one that enhances and pays homage to the surrounding landscape. They’ll listen to your thoughts on how you want your home to look and feel, and how you like to live, incorporating these into a truly unique design that the rural planners will approve.

Environmental issues

Naturally, you’ll want your home to be sustainable. And from the planning perspective, environmentally-friendly designs are always more favourable in green belt and rural settings. The team at Tye will do all the hard work for you. They’ll talk to the rural planners and conservation officers, discuss the ecology, commission any environmental surveys that are needed and wade through the results.

Making an application

Once you confirm that the design of your new home is just right, Tye Architects will submit the Paragraph 80 planning application to your local planning authority for approval. At this point, everything’s on hold as it may take a few months for the application to be approved or denied. Even if you’re lucky enough to get approval first time, the planners will inevitably come back with conditions that must be met before you can go ahead.

Unexpected hold ups

Sometimes a Paragraph 80 planning application is deemed to need extra scrutiny. In this case it may be submitted to a design review panel. This will determine whether your specific project fulfils the NPPF requirements.

Time to build

When your approved design gets to the build stage, Tye Architects will be there every step of the way. Inevitably, on complex projects there will be issues that come up and the team are always on hand to advise or liaise with construction companies.

Why choose Tye Architects?

Tye Architects has developed a wide variety of successful Paragraph 80 houses over the years. During that period they have learned a lot about what the planners will and won’t approve. Visit the website of call 01525 406677 for more information on how Tye Architects can help with your project.