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Modern prefab homes with architectural style

Design-led homes for healthy, sustainable living

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Prefabricated homes are no longer ‘one size fits all’. The appliance of German technology means your dream house could be an architect-designed, high performance delight…

modern prefab home with balconies lawn and seating in front

Image: Schwoerer Haus

Your house, your way

The boxy, unimaginative prefabricated homes of yore have been consigned to the past. Specialist companies such as SchwörerHaus UK have ripped up the rule book to develop a range of German-engineered and built prefabs that deliver a bespoke home full of character.

By working with a single partner instead of project-managing your own build, you eradicate all the headaches and get the home you want at a set price. No budget creep – you design the house you want in conjunction with an architect, get a quote, and that’s the house you get.

workers constructing a prefabricated house

Image: Schwoerer Haus

Built to last

All of this means nothing if the home isn’t perfect, however. Rest assured, your prefabricated home will be built with German quality assurance at every step of the process. You choose your design, fixtures and fittings, then let the experts check everything from raw materials through to parts and assembly.

If sustainability is important to you, that’s taken into consideration, too. The use of certified timber cuts down on energy use while also removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The timber is also naturally dried and conditioned, meaning no chemical wood preservers are used. Finally, heat recovery technology is used to help transfer the heat from your home to fresh air as it flows in.

 crane moving timber outside factory

Image: Schwoerer Haus

A healthier home

In addition to ticking all the main boxes of modern German prefab building – a beautiful and liveable home that punches above it weight for the price point – SchwörerHaus UK also put health at the core of their projects.

The stringent ‘Sentinel Haus Institut’ oversees and certifies each individual home constructed by SchwörerHaus. The end result is healthy housing with great indoor air quality, an approach that minimises the irritant and allergenics that cause asthma, tiredness, headaches and more.

two men rolling out insulation in factory

Image: Schwoerer Haus

Key to this is using healthy, future-proof building materials throughout, but also considering other health issues such as daylight, heat regulation and noise pollution. You can even add in pollen filters if you or your family suffer from hay fever.

crane lowering section of a prefab house into place

Image: Schwoerer Haus

Every aspect is carefully considered from your initial consultation onwards. To explore the rich range of options, discover more and take a virtual tour of past projects, visit SchwörerHaus UK today.

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