Why you should hire an architect for your self-build or renovation

With thoughtful evaluation and design, professionals can turn your self-build dreams into reality

Promotional Feature By Lorraine Crighton-Smith | 17 January 2022

The process of designing and building your dream home can be daunting. Working with an architect to see your project through from start to finish can be a solid investment. Here’s what you can expect when hiring an architect for your self-build or renovation project…

hiring an architect can help you create your dream home

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Hiring an architect

Your home is likely your most valuable asset and, when it comes to renovating, extending, or constructing, it makes sense to seek advice from an architect before you begin.

You may have a clear idea of what you want from your ideal home, or you might be searching for inspiration from experts in the field. Either way, top architects can take your brief and turn your ideas into reality, coordinating everything from start to finish while adding value to your project.

Tye Architects – one of Grand Designs magazine’s longest-standing partner architect practices – is an award-winning architectural studio based in Bedford.

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The key to creating a perfect home

The design-based studio understands the importance of listening to, and gaining a clear understanding of, their clients’ requirements before beginning work on a renovation, self-build or home-build project.

Focusing on those who will live in the property – their wants and needs – is key to creating a perfect home. Figuring out how you will live in the house, the flow, how you will move between the spaces and what’s important to you will be early steps to providing you with architecture designs that embrace and enhance your surroundings.

As an all-inclusive architect, it’s your one-stop shop. Tye Architects will be your single point of contact for the entire team involved in your project, so you won’t have to juggle sub-contractors or consultants directly yourself. Project management is one of the key reasons for hiring an architect.

Architects can help you create a show-stopping extension

Photo: Tye Architects