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Keeping a low profile

How low profile linear drains can become a seamless feature of your project

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

Now’s the time to plan ahead for longer days enjoying our outside space. If you have a new patio, balcony or pool in mind, designer brand Aquabocci’s innovative, customisable low profile drains and systems will help you get the best from it.

Why choose a low profile drain?

Once it is embedded into the patio or pool surround, a low profile drain is virtually unnoticeable, though it’s as tough and effective at removing excess water as a deeper drainage system. Unlike a deeper profile drain, which includes a 10-15cm deep channel below its metal grate, the channel for low profile drains is just 3-5cm, allowing you to install them within the tile bed or screed, perfect for balconies and areas with a limited build up.

Is a low profile drain effective?

If installed correctly a low profile drain can achieve the same flow rate as a deeper drain and collect more than a circular shower drain. Aquabocci has developed a range of spigot/outlets which are attached to the underside of the channel. These easily connect to standard plumbing pipes and to increase the flow rate you can just add extra outlets to the channel.

You can achieve a flush finish by using Aquabocci’s R-47 Threshold Drain to drain your door track

How do I position a low profile drainage channel?

Previously, drains for a patio or balcony were placed centrally or in the corner. The tiled surface sloped in more than one way to direct the water towards the drain. When fitting a linear drain, the floor slopes in one direction only, catching surface water along its length and allowing you to use large format tiles. For a discreet appearance, the linear drain can be run alongside the walls of the terrace, or be fitted to a patio door sill.

How do I create a seamless surface?

With Aquabocci’s range of low profile drains, the grate sits level with your flooring so that you can use every inch of available space. If you’re fitting the Blade T External Drain the height-adjustable spacers provided allow you to level up the grate to match the thickness of the floor tiles or paving slabs. The result is a seamless surface where water can swiftly drain away. The Blade-T creates a minimal look and can be installed along the wall or down the middle of your paved area.

Get the minimal look with Aquabocci’s Blade-T External Slot Drain

What about my patio doors?

If you would like to create a flush finish from and To avoid the problem of water seeping into the house at entry points such as patio doors, consider Aquabocci’s R-47 X Blade Threshold Drain. This drain has an open side entry point to direct water from the door track into the low profile drain. It provides a smooth transition from inside to outdoors, with no need for an awkward step that could create a trip hazard.

How do I fit a low profile drain?

Many building projects have limited floor build up, so installing onto the slab saves time and money and removes the need for the set down in the floor that would be required for deep profile drains. The pipework beneath is also easy to embed. Aquabocci’s S66 Low Profile and A30 Low Profile models are the most versatile because the tile can be installed right up to the channel. The S66 and A30 are also ideal for use around swimming pools, and the A30 has also been tested for suitability for driveways.

Aquabocci’s S66 Slimline Drain is a perfect detail for Swimming Pool Areas

Can I fit the drain myself?

Aquabocci’s low profile drains are simple for a builder or competent DIYer to fit. Made up of modular components, the drains can be customised to suit any situation. Aquabocci’s fast assembly system includes standard lengths and corner pieces, easily joined using the connectors and end caps. Attach spigot/outlets at any location along the channel without relocating your existing groundwork pipes.

Aquabocci’s range of designer Low Profile Drains, are available in 4 Anodised colours

Quality assured

Aquabocci’s flush-fitting channels, drains and grates will stand the test of time. The marine-grade anodised aluminium grates, available in Titanium, GT Silver, Black and Champagne finishes, are guaranteed not to rust, corrode or stain around salt water or chlorine, and come with a 10-year warranty. Click to find out more.