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Vita Architecture contemporary single-storey house in Westhumble

How to create an outstanding home

When designing a new home, it's important to choose an architect that shares your vision

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Choosing an architect to work with can be difficult, whether you are reconfiguring your current space, or building an entire property from ground up. To build a home that is considered and tailored for you, seek out an architect who takes a holistic approach and factors in your personality and the emotional impact a space may have on you and your family.

Choosing an architect

Vita Architecture, a London and Surrey based high-end architecture practice, strives to create beautiful spaces, developing projects that are individual, inspiring and enhance the lifestyle of its occupants.

Each and every project is approached to maximise the potential of the site, while giving due consideration to short and long-term requirements. From a private fourth-floor riverside flat in London to a four-storey home in Singapore (pictured below), clients are a big part of the design process, working with the design team to create customised living spaces.

Architect-remodelled terrace house in contemporary block style

Photo: Vita Architecture

Creating beautiful homes

Over the years, Vita has built a team of expert residential architects and luxury home designers to create beautiful developments that exceed expectations and inspire users. Hard-earned creative and mathematical skills allow the designers to come up with proposals that are full of individual character, carefully considered and innovatively crafted.

when choosing an architect, look for someone who will take your personality into account

Photo: Vita Architecture

A considered approach

When choosing an architect, look for a company that takes a holistic approach, from a design perspective as well as planning and buildability. Using digital fabrication (3D printing, CNC machining), the Vita team meticulously develops every project from the start, optimising design to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

wide open-plan kitchen and dining space with steel beam and natural materials

Photo: Vita Architecture

Attention to detail

Vita Architecture ensures that each home receives personal attention. The team works closely with the client, getting to know their personality so that they can come up with proposals and solutions to develop the best flow of space and light integration, while creating a home that suits the way the client lives.

choosing an architect: look for an architect that has designed similar homes to what you have in mind

Photo: Vita Architecture

All projects are overseen by at least one Vita Architecture director and developed to meet the aspirations and distinct personas of clients, allowing the team to remain true to their sense of craft and imagination without compromise…

Need help choosing an architect? Find a variety of inspiring projects at or call 020 8144 1737 to discuss your vision.