Why Insulated Concrete Formwork self-builds are the low energy homes of the future

Insulated Concrete Formwork Systems have arrived in the UK – a construction method that makes new builds quick to assemble and with stunning insulation properties.

By Jennifer Turner | 9 November 2020

Innovative ICF homebuilding system is providing a new option for self builders with energy efficient goals.


white new build house in garden with trees

This newly built house in Devon achieved u-values of 0.15 by using the Jackon systems

A new construction method has drawn the attention of major UK house builders. We take a look at what it could mean for you…

A smarter system

Already widely used in North America and Europe, Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF systems) are set to spread across the UK. Two systems from Jackon are showcased in a stunning new house in Devon which acts as a proof of concept for the innovative method of building new homes.

What’s the big fuss? The Jackodur Atlas system provides the foundations, Thermomur the interior and exterior walls. Both are intelligent thermal insulation systems that make houses incredibly energy efficient while being relatively simple and fast to construct.

man sweeping foundation of new build house

Jackodur Atlas is ideal for constructing the foundations of energy-efficient houses