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How to fast track an eco house build

A fixed timescale is just one of the reasons to choose a modular build system

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When buying a house on the open market you’re bound to have to compromise on some aspects, but when your Grand Design home is built-to-order by leading eco modular homes manufacturer Baufritz, there are no surprises. Since a vast number of decisions are made upfront, when the prefabricated components arrive on site, they can be quickly transformed into your home.

The prefab process

So where do you start with the prefab process? Baufritz has a six-step system that couldn’t be simpler. First up is a consultation, where you’ll meet with a specialist to discuss ideas. Next, experienced designers prepare drawings and submit a planning application on your behalf. Then, costs are calculated and the building contract is signed. The fourth step is to create a detailed plan, when in-house architects and engineers complete the design and calculations for the ground works, structure and building services.

Next, you’ll be invited on a sampling trip to the Baufritz design centre in Germany to meet the designers and select fixtures, fittings and finishes for your new home. Finally, it’s time for the build, when all the prefabricated modules will be delivered to the building site and assembled by experts, before craftsmen complete the fit out.

eco modular homes designed by baufritz design

Haussicht by Alfredo Häberli – a Baufritz show house in Erkheim, Germany

Eco modular homes

Dubbed ‘house building heaven’ by Kevin McCloud, the Baufritz design centre in Bavaria, Germany, has examples of everything from skirting boards to door handles and taps. Here you can see, touch and compare all the materials that will come together to create an individual home.

With this hands-on approach, you can get a feel for tiles and floor coverings, examine not just how doors look, but how easily they open and close and see how various lighting options can affect mood and atmosphere. If you’d like to, you can stay in one of the on-site eco modular homes for an hands-on experience of Baufritz living.

The HausSchneiderei is Baufritz’s centre for trendsetting and sustainable homebuilding

Getting the house on the road

Once everything has been agreed, Baufritz architects will convert your eco house design into plans that are fed into the Baufritz manufacturing process. Highly skilled craftspeople then use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional construction methods to create the modular elements of the house in the factory. Once everything is completed it is carefully packed onto a truck ready for shipping to site.

inside the baufritz factory in germany

State-of-the-art technology and traditional construction methods meet at the Baufritz factory

Planet-friendly design

Top of the list for any climate-conscious self builder is an eco-friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving house. At Baufritz, cutting-edge technology meets ecological construction. You won’t find polyurethane foam, chemical insulation materials, toxic adhesives or laminate flooring in these timber homes. Instead, the company works with environmental specialists to select materials that are healthy to live with.

curved timber walls in the Baufritz show home

Visit a Baufritz show home to explore the endless design possibilities

Find out more

Designing and building your own home is usually a once in a lifetime experience and, though the results can be spectacular, the process isn’t stress-free. With Baufritz you can relax. A timber-built Baufritz eco house is delivered to a fixed price and fixed timescale, and is built in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional methods. A full turnkey option is available to make the process even easier.

For a brochure, a consultation or simply to find out how a new home can be built swiftly, sustainably and with every last detail in place, visit