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The importance of sustainable wastewater treatment

When fitting or upgrading a sewage treatment plant, make sure your system is eco-friendly

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It’s hard to resist the pull of a remote location for peace, tranquillity and outstanding views. But, if your self-build adventure is off the mains drainage system you’ll need an efficient means to deal with wastewater. There are a number of options…

Unlike the traditional cesspool, not recommended because it simply stores sewage, septic tanks separate waste, discharging the liquid via a soakaway while the solids must be emptied once or twice a year.

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For a new-build home, you are most likely to need a sewage treatment plant to deal with the waste. If the resultant liquid is clean enough, it could be discharged into a drainage field, pond or a reed bed. Do seek advice, as there are stringent rules about wastewater treatment to keep us all safe. A sustainable wastewater system is just as important for home owners who are about to upgrade an existing septic tank, and for business owners, too.

Eco-friendly options

Naturally, we all want to protect and preserve our watercourses, streams and nearby rivers. And with some areas of the UK introducing stricter effluent standards for wastewater outflows, ecologically friendly alternatives are needed when treating water and domestic sewage. Ecoflo from Premier Tech Water and Environment is a sustainable wastewater treatment system designed to ensure the water that makes it back into the environment is clean and safe. More than 100,000 Ecoflo wastewater systems have already been installed worldwide.

Ecoflo sustainable wastewater treatment from Premier Tech Water and Environment

Photo: Premier Tech Water and Environment

Practical option

As with most things in life, simplicity is best. The non-electric Ecoflo wastewater treatment system from Premier Tech is designed for homes or small commercial buildings, and since it can cope with periods without use it is ideal for holiday homes and rental properties. There’s no need to replace an existing septic tank as Ecoflo can simply be added on for secondary treatment of wastewater. It can also be added to a sewage treatment plant for tertiary treatment of wastewater, and can be installed as part of a new wastewater treatment system. As the system is compact, no space is needed for a percolation area. Ecoflo will simply blend into your landscape or garden, doing its work silently and without odours.

Ecoflo sewage plant for domestic use from Premier Tech Water and Environment

Photo: Premier Tech Water and Environment

Sustainable choice

Ecoflo uses a non-mechanical tipping bucket to scatter wastewater across perforated distribution plates. The wastewater drips through these plates and falls across a filter made of natural, organic and renewable coconut husk fragments. This creates a physical barrier that cleans wastewater effluent to an even higher standard. After percolating through the all-natural filter, water is then safely discharged into the environment.

Ecoflo's filter is made of natural, organic and renewable coconut husk fragments

Ecoflo’s filter is made of natural, organic and renewable coconut husk fragments

Trustworthy solution

Premier Tech Water and Environment is an industry leader in off-mains wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, storm water management and liquid storage across the UK and Ireland. For over 50 years it has been protecting homes and our environment.

To find out more about how Premier Tech’s sustainable wastewater treatment system can help our communities, our environment and our planet for generations to come, visit PT Water and Environment.

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