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Before you embark on your self-build project, tune into the Baufritz Podcast to discover professional advice from renowned designer Alfredo Haberli…

Streamline your self-build

The journey towards creating your ultimate home will be exciting and full of challenges along the way. Therefore, it’s worth gathering as much information and advice as you can before you start your project.

With this in mind, internationally renowned Swiss-Argentinian designer Alfredo Haberli has teamed up with leading prefabricated timber-framed homes manufacturer Baufritz to create a podcast packed with inspiration and expert guidance to clarify the self-build process.

Contemporary wooden interior with colourful cushioned raised platforms inside timber framed Haussicht eco home by Baufritz

Photo: Baufritz

Drawing on his experiences of tackling architectural design for his Haussicht and Waldsicht projects for Baufritz, Haberli reveals how first-time builders can approach the enormous task of breathing life into a new building.

Aiming to ‘find order in the chaos’ Haberli sets out to demystify the complexity of creating a new house. Moreover, he demonstrates how using a custom-made prefabricated timber-framed construction can create a beautiful, healthy and sustainable home.

Woodland exterior of modern timber framed prefabricated Waldsicht home by Baufritz

Photo: Baufritz

Consider eco credentials

Having built up his reputation as an industrial designer, Haberli had always dreamed of following in the footsteps of Ray and Charles Eames and crossing over into the world of architecture. Fortunately, he was given the opportunity to team up with Baufritz to create a concept eco home.

Working alongside Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, CEO of Baufritz, the duo created Haussicht (Home View), a high-quality prefabricated house that blended contemporary design with healthy and environmentally sound modern construction methods.

Following the success of Haussicht, Haberli went on to design Waldsicht (Forest View), a scaled-down timber-framed construction that paved the way for smaller sustainable homes.

Contemporary wooden kitchen inside modern prefabricated Haussicht eco home by Baufritz

Photo: Baufritz

Take your time

When planning your self-build, Haberli says the first thing to think about is how you and your family want to live your life. Secondly, consider what kind of feeling you want to have while living in your house as this is the context that sets up the design.

Thirdly, he advises you look for inspiration and not to be afraid to reverse the norms. For example, when looking to make the most of the incredible views of Haussicht’s woodland location, he was inspired by ocean liners and the way their sleeping areas are incorporated into the lower decks to give the living areas the best upper-deck views.

Exterior view of the modern timber framed Haussicht eco home by Baufritz in a countryside setting with a pond

Photo: Baufritz

Haberli adds: ‘When designing your house there are many decisions which must be taken and it requires a lot of time. But working with Baufritz helps as there is a process supporting you throughout the build. It is important to trust a company – I had fantastic professionals working with me.’

Wooden interior of modern timber framed prefabricated Waldsicht home by Baufritz

Photo: Baufritz

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