Sustainable retrofit: what you need to know

How much do you know about EnerPHit standards when renovating an old property? 

By Hugh Metcalf | 19 August 2020

When it comes to new self build homes, energy-efficiency is a much-talked about area. But how much do you know about meeting the same standards when renovating an old property?

cork clad interior of home renovated to enerphit standards - grand designs

Image: Architect Harry Paticus is undertaking an EnerPHit retrofit of his own home. Photo: Agnese Sanvito 

With the advent of the Green Homes Grant, more homeowners than ever are thinking about the benefits of retrofitting their properties. However, it’s increasingly clear that there’s a greater need to address the renovation and retrofit of older properties in the UK above and beyond the funding provided by the Green Homes Grant.

There are near to 30 million homes in the UK and these are responsible for 25% of the UK’s energy use. As more than 98 per cent of these are energy inefficient, with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of C or below, there is a significant need to carry out radical improvements.

While the Green Homes Grant may be your introduction to sustainable retrofit, the Grand Designs magazine team has asked the experts to outline how to push forward with your home’s energy efficiency journey, beyond the scheme.