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Linear shower drains – the elegant solution

The all-important drain can become an integral element of your shower room design

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

When designing a new shower room or wet room, attention to detail counts. Naturally, your choice of shower fittings, shower screen and tiles will drive the project, but don’t overlook the shower drain. A contemporary linear shower drain from Aquabocci gives any shower room an aspirational appeal.

What is a linear shower drain?

We’re all familiar with showers that drain towards a single outlet in the corner or centre of a shower tray or tiled floor. In contrast, a linear shower drain is in the form of a long strip. It performs the same function, yet in a sleek, discreet and stylish way.

How does a linear shower drain work?

This type of drain relies on its large surface area to manage water and collects more than water than a circular shower drain. Water passes through the grate at the top of the drain, down into the PVC channel and then through an outlet which connects to the pipework below. The drain is a carefully designed system that prevents any odours getting back into the bathroom.



Where is the drain positioned?

A linear shower drain is usually located along the wall, either parallel with or perpendicular to the shower entrance. If the shower design has no door or screen, you could slot in two at right angles to each other.

Unlike a central drain, a linear drain allows you to slope large format tiles gently and evenly towards it. There’s no need for the awkwardly-angled cut tiles that surround a central or corner drain so a flawless finish is guaranteed.

What are the design options?

Whatever your style, an Aquabocci shower drain will enhance the project. The low-profile design fits seamlessly into a tiled surface, and the aluminium grate, with four colour options, can either become a visual statement, complementing your décor, or blend into the background.

The Blade Shower Kit has a super-slim 24mm grate, the S66 has a discreet 66mm wide grid and the A30’s grate is a generous 120mm wide. Alternatively, you could make a splash with the patterned grate of the Aquabocci Ribbon Shower Kit.


Why choose Aquabocci?

Designed to last, Aquabocci linear shower drains have an anodised aluminium grate, guaranteed not to rust, stain or corrode. The drains come as modular systems in lengths of 1200mm or 2400mm, which can be easily cut to length on-site. These drains suit a timber or concrete sub-floor and height adjustable spacers ensure the grate will be level with the tiling

Keep the flow

Even if you have a luxury power shower with multiple heads and sprays, a linear drain will cope. It can comfortably deal with 15 to 60 litres of water per minute. If a large flow is a concern, two Vulcan syphons can be attached in any location along the linear drain to double the flow rate. Bear in mind that shower drains can quickly clog up with soap or hair. A lifting tool allows easy access to Aquabocci drains so that cleaning is simple and quick.

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