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Heat a big space efficiently with a large log burner

Having a generously sized living area or open-plan space is great but what about the heating? A large log burner will ensure it feels warm and cosy all year round

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Large living areas and open-plan spaces are ideal for multifunctional living. Whether or not you zone the space for various activities, the key to making it comfortable all year round is to ensure that it’s warm and cosy, even on the chilliest winter days. Large log burners are the perfect solution. Using state-of-the-art combustion systems, these wood stoves and wood burners are eco-conscious and cost-effective.
From barn conversions to major renovations and self-build projects, the question of heating may initially seem like a challenge. There is a lot to consider – the heat source, the price of its installation and running costs plus the efficiency of your chosen fuel must all be taken into account.
If you favour the charm and character of a log burner then Stovax has the ultimate heating solution with its big log burners. The perfect combination of efficiency, function and aesthetic appeal, a large and spacious home will no longer feel cold and uninviting once a large log burner is installed.

The benefits of a large log burner

Open-plan living needs a heating solution that is both powerful and adept at distributing heat evenly around the space. Thanks to their state-of-the-art convection heat flow systems, some Large log burners from Stovax draw cool air in from its spacious surroundings then warms it before dispersing it back into the room, heating your home efficiently – both in terms of the warmth created and the cost of heating it. The Studio Air Wood Burning fire range is a great example with its high-efficiency burn and a choice of decorative coloured trim such as the white design shown below.


Why choose a Stovax convector stove

There are many reasons to select a Stovax large log burner for your large living space. First and foremost, they are extremely efficient, as they are designed for maximum heat output with minimal emissions. In other words, you get more heat from less fuel. Convection systems also spread warm air throughout the room efficiently while installation is more versatile thanks to built-in heat shields that reduce the minimum distance to combustibles.

Eco-conscious and efficient

As well as being highly efficient in terms of heating and cost, log burners are eco-conscious by the fact that wood burning is a virtually carbon-neutral process. Choosing a sustainable source of wood ensures that your home is heated sustainably both now and in the future and with a wide choice of designs to complement classic and contemporary interiors, Stovax large log burners are the perfect solution to heating any large, spacious home.



Inset and Freestanding Log Burners for Every Space

The Stovax Studio Air range includes a wide choice of big log burners as well as large inset wood burning fires for a more contemporary hole-in-the-wall look. Studio Air 1 offers a 5kW nominal heat output while the larger Studio Air 2 has 8.2kW and Studio Air 3, 11kW. Each model in the collection can also be tailored to suit your living area décor with a black, storm grey or white decorative trim.


Large inset log burners

If you prefer a sleek, inset look then the Stovax Vogue 700 inset wood burning fire is just the thing. With its industrial feel, large landscape design and cast iron door, it’s easy to use with a single air control and has the option of being DEFRA Exempt to burn wood in smoke control areas without the need for an additional kit. It also features the Stovax state-of-the-art combustion system so it’s efficient and cost-effective, too.


Wood burners for kitchens

There’s nothing quite like the charm and character of a wood burner in the kitchen so if you’re renovating an existing space, self-building or converting, then the Stovax County 8 is the perfect heat source. This 8kW log burner is perfect for large spaces and features a responsive side control to adjust airflow for easy heat management as well as a Cleanburn airflow system to help minimise emissions and it’s DEFRA exempt for Smoke Control Areas.


Stovax log burners and fires are available from a network of trusted independent retailers across the UK.