5 rear extensions with stunning kitchens

Rear extensions provide space for a new kitchen and the chance to create a better layout and a dining area.

By Paisley Tedder | 5 February 2021

Rear extensions are all about providing much needed space and bringing in more light. Terraced homes or period semi-detached houses often have kitchens that are far too small for the needs of the household. Even a relatively modestly sized rear extension provides floorspace that will open up the kitchen to create a far more useable room.

MWAI kitchen extension

Image: MWAI

These inspiring homes have all benefitted from rear extensions that have significantly increased the floor area.

A question of size

This home has a 12.8 square metre extension to the back. It provides room for a more spacious kitchen and better outdoor access. The design by MW Architects cost around £222,000.

MW Architects 1

Image: MW Architects

This project required planning permission due to its size. However, it is possible to extend a detached house by up to 8m and a terraced or semi-detached property by 6m under permitted development. So, check with your local authority if you have any concerns before drawing up plans.